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At KNIME, we build software to create and productionize data science using one easy and intuitive environment, enabling every stakeholder in the data science process to focus on what they do best.

How can KNIME Software help you?

KNIME Analytics Platform

KNIME Analytics Platform

KNIME Analytics Platform is the free, open-source software for creating data science.

KNIME Server Guided Analytics via Web Portal

KNIME Server

KNIME Server is the commercial solution for productionizing data science.


Driving a Citizen Data Scientist Approach.

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Sparking Data Literacy with KNIME and Making Better Decisions.


Creating an Automated, Online Loan Application Decision Making Tool with KNIME.


How Seagate is Using KNIME to Tackle the Digital Transformation.


Quantifying Retrofit ROI using Natural Language Processing in KNIME.


Deploying KNIME to the Enterprise: Reshaping Data and Architecture for Healthcare.

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Optimized Predictive Planning with KNIME: From Business Problem to Modeling and Implementation.

Z5 Inventory

Leveraging Predictive Analytics Prevents $1.3 M Worth of Medical Supply Waste.

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Running a Semantic Analysis of 3,800 Positions to Enhance Transparency and Facilitate Active HR Development.

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Highlighting How KNIME is Great for Prototyping and Debugging Applications Involving a lot of Data Processing.

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Scaling Feature Generation – from Prototyping to Production at REWE.

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Automation of Physico-Chemical Properties Calculation and Registration Using KNIME.

Automated Workflow Testing and Validation

Inventory Level Optimization

Disease Tagging

Recommendation Engine for Retailers

Customer Sentiment Measurement

Risk Information Extraction

KNIME Software: Creating and Productionizing Data Science

Contributor of the Month

Each month, we highlight community members doing unique and interesting things with KNIME, or sharing useful data science tips and tricks.

We’re starting the new year by announcing two contributors for the month of January: Evan Bristow and Miguel InfMad, who are long time KNIME users and data science experts. In recent years, Evan and Miguel have put their expertise to good use by building and nurturing a Facebook community for all KNIME users – from newbies to experts.

Thanks for your contributions, Evan and Miguel!

Visit Facebook Community

Be part of the KNIME Community

Join us, along with our global community of users, developers, partners and customers in sharing not only data science, but also domain knowledge, insights and ideas.

KNIME Server is the commercial solution for productionizing data science.


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