OG Esports Announce DM As Fifth Member Of ‘Dota 2’ Roster

DM is the new member of the OG Dota 2 team

Credit: Valve

Two time TI champion OG Esports has revealed Dmitry “DM” Dorokhin as the fifth player for its Dota 2 team for the upcoming 2023 season.

DM joins OG from Virtus.Pro, having joined the organisation in 2020 as part of its junior team, before graduating to the main roster later that year. He would go on to find good success with the team, winning multiple DPC tours in the Eastern Europe region. However, Virtus.Pro recently announced its new roster, which did not feature DM, making him available for other teams.

OG signed DM to replace Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf, the 17 year old star the team brought into the pro scene last season and who became an instant fan favourite thanks to his brash plays. Earlier this week it was announced that ATF would be joining Nigma Galaxy, a rival of OG, leaving a space for OG to fill.

With the rest of OG’s roster staying the same as last year and given that DM is an offlane specialist, this is expected to be a pretty simple swap for OG, after bringing in an entirely new roster last year.

DM will be taking the three position role, and given his performance over recent months, should fit in quite well with the OG play style. He plays many of the same heroes as ATF, with Timbersaw and Mars being his two most played heroes in pro matches, which were both heroes that OG relied heavily on last year as well.

Last year OG was one of the best teams in the world, winning the ESL One Stockholm Major and consistently placing well in the ultra competitive Western Europe DPC Tour. However a lacklustre performance at The International 11 where the team could only finish in the top eight resulted in this roster change.

DM and the rest of OG will once again be playing in division one of the Western Europe Dota Pro Circuit, which is now being hosted by PGL, who takes over the tournament from long-time organisers ESL. The level of competition is expected to be very high, especially with TI 11 champions Tundra Esports returning to action for the first time since their massive win.

DM is likely to make his official OG debut when the Western European Dota Pro Circuit Tour 1 Division 1 kicks off on January 8 2023. The opening round of matches is yet to be announced.

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