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Oddities of virtual reality: Insurance claims spike as gamers crash into furniture – ​Metaverse magic

With the rise (and improvement) of virtual reality, more and more people have gotten onto the bandwagon, with Meta (formerly Facebook) even planning for a massive virtual reality, dubbed the metaverse.

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As more and more people play games using virtual reality, incidents of people falling over in their houses and breaking furniture have increased, with insurance claims seeing a 31% jump in UK over the past year.


The most common damage has been smashed screens, with insurance provider Aviva telling the Guardian that the average claim is around £650, “often from broken TVs smashed by overenthusiastic gamers”


Over the past year Aviva has seen claims ranging from a user throwing a controller at his TV to a child smashing two designer figurines during a “swipe” move.



​Of course there’s a subreddit

With many getting VR devices for Christmas, the content is unlikely to run out, with a subreddit called r/VRtoER collating the various mishaps caused by people engrossed in virtual battles.



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