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No more WFH! IT firm TCS calls its employees to office

New Delhi: As more and more offices are reversing the Work From Home trend, two years after the onslaught of COVID-19, many businesses want their employees to return to the offices and have begun recalling the workforce now that Covid-19 cases have decreased. Following suit, the IT behemoth, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has asked all of their staff to return to their workstations, thus permanent remote working is now over. TCS advised its employees to return to the office three days a week or in accordance with the roster determined by their team supervisor in an official message to employees last year.

“Our clients visit TCS premises, and senior TCS leaders have been working from there for some time. As of right now, your individual supervisors will schedule you to work at the TCS office at least three days per week “the official mail read. However, the Indian software behemoth has now formally ruled out 100 percent remote employment for everyone in an interview with Financial Express. (Also Read: Work From Pub is a new trend; From unlimited drinks to lunch, here’s what bars offering)

“People who joined us in the past two years, in particular, are beginning to realise more and more how much more can be accomplished by simply showing up at the offices. When they visit the offices, they gain a new perspective on TCS as well as a new view on how they stand in comparison to their peers “said TCS’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), N. Ganapathy Subramaniam. (Also Read: WFH but no WFH! IT firms change strategy to let employees work from office)

Because most employees want to work at their desks again, TCS is terminating the permanent work-from-home policy. However, the corporation will continue to take preventative precautions and won’t make work from home necessary due to the rising scenario of Covid cases over the world. “

“Our staff members benefit from flexibility from us. To ensure that individuals actually experience this hybrid style of work, however, we believe that it must be developed. It’s kind of impossible to work entirely from home. We anticipate that they will visit the office more frequently and as often as necessary to experience working in an office and for their own learning and sharing “said Subramaniam. “Subramaniam continues.


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