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New Product Roundup – March 10th

This servo extension cable measures 30cm and features a locking tab to prevent cables from being disconnected unexpectedly. Perfect for extending that servo cable that is just not quite long enough!

ADS1115 16-Bit ADC Breakout

Some microcontrollers and single board computers do not have the ability to read analog signals or feature much lower precision Analog to Digital Converter (ADC). Since many sensors output a basic analog signal, having one of these can be very important in a variety of projects. This breakout board uses the ADS1115 16-bit analog to digital converter and features Qwiic / STEMMA QT connectivity to make adding analog capabilities to your project as easy as possible.

Adafruit EYESPI Breakout Board

This specific board is designed to break out each of the 18 pins in an EYE SPI cable to a convenient, labeled, breadboard compatible circuit board. If you have an EYE SPI compatible display but need a way to connect it to your microcontroller or single board completer, this board is a must!

Heat Sink Thermal Tape 35x35mm – 3M 8810

Heat sink thermal tape is an easy way to create a strong thermal bond between an IC and a heat sink. This sheet is 35 x 35mm and can be cut to fit any shape or size.

Breadboard Friendly SPDT Slide Switch – Right Angle

Sometimes all you need is a simple slide switch – these basic switches are ideal for breadboard and perfboard applications. This right angle version is great for applications where vertical space is a premium.


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