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New Cygnus service centre and sales representative company in USA


Cygnus has announced that it is collaborating closely with High Tech Supplies Inc, a leader in providing high-quality and advanced technology products to the non-destructive testing (NDT), welding and safety sectors, for both the sales and service of Cygnus Instruments’ products in the USA.

High Tech Supplies has been a non-destructive testing manufacturer, training school and distributor for the USA and
Latin America for 30 years. The team at High Tech Supplies comes from a background of NDT inspection across all disciplines and the company’s empathetic knowledge of what non-destructive testing technicians and engineers truly need underpins the quality of their own manufactured products and the sales and service of non-destructive testing equipment.

High Tech’s engineers are trained and authorised to provide calibration and repairs on Cygnus products. Easily accessible for North and Latin American markets, High Tech Supplies, which is located in south Florida, USA, combines National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) accreditation, trained engineers, extensive non-destructive testing experience and its own precision manufacturing expertise and test facilities.

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