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Need better Wi-Fi at home? Look no further than BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

We’ve never been more reliant on our Wi-Fi connection, be it for working remotely, home-schooling, or for keeping in touch with friends and family.

However, many of us continue to be blighted by slow – or no – internet access in certain rooms, along with Wi-Fi connections that frequently drop, lose connection, or suffer from weak signal strength.

Thankfully, BT is here to help. Its Whole Home Wi-Fi solution guarantees to rid your home of frustrating Wi-Fi deadspots, ensuring all of your devices are connected to the strongest and fastest signal, all of the time.

The Whole Home Wi-Fi discs work together so that as you move around your home you’ll be automatically switched to the strongest signal, which means you’ll no longer suffer from Wi-Fi deadspots and frustratingly slow speeds.

BT’s Whole Home Wi-Fi not only works on any network, meaning you don’t have to worry about who provides your broadband service, but it also supports all your in home devices.

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

(Image credit: BT)

This means even if your family members are gaming in the living room and streaming TV shows in the bedroom, you can continue to work or catch up with friends without any unwanted interruptions.

You won’t have to worry about climbing over the sofa to manually reboot if you run into any issues, either, as the Whole Home Wi-Fi system keeps an eye on your connection, which means it will automatically reboot if there’s ever a problem.

Security also won’t be a concern, as the system’s built-in security controls ensure unauthorised users can’t access your network.

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

(Image credit: BT)Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi

If you really want to supercharge your Wi-Fi network, BT’s Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi is its fastest yet. The system uses innovative Tri-band AX3700 wireless technology to push faster, stronger Wi-Fi to every corner of your home, making it the ideal solution for busy, internet-hungry households.

With its unmatched speeds, Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi is also ideal for those who have recently upgraded to a next-gen console and want to get the most from their 4K games, as well as families who have outdoor space and want a reliable Wi-Fi connection in the garden.

To see which Whole Home Wi-Fi solution is best for you, you can use BT’s Whole Home Wi-Fi configurator.

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

(Image credit: BT)Intelligent app

There’s nothing worse than buying new technology that requires multiple manuals and hours of setup, which is why BT’s Whole Home Wi-Fi comes with an intelligent companion app that makes getting started a breeze.

Simply download the app, connect the discs to your router, and you’ll be shown where to put the discs around your home for the best connection.

The app doesn’t just make setting up a breeze, as it also comes with a number of features that will make keeping on top of your network easier than ever.

Its Smart Diagnostics feature lets you see your current speeds, how much bandwidth each device in your home is using and even more detail about your network, while a monitoring tool lets you keep an eye on who’s online.

With the smart app, available on Android and iOS, you can also pause the internet when you want to get everyone down for dinner or help manage homework and bedtimes.

You can also manage a guest network when you’ve got visitors, and if you opt for Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi, you can even prioritise your devices when you have an important work meeting – or an important game to play.

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

(Image credit: BT)Extend your existing Whole Home Wi-Fi

If you’re already a Whole Home Wi-Fi customer and you’re looking to extend your connection even further, or you’re moving into a bigger home with more space for streaming and gaming, add-on discs are available.

Source: https://gcfrng.com/2021/05/24/need-better-wi-fi-at-home-look-no-further-than-bt-whole-home-wi-fi/

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