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The MYO Armband is a Gesture Control Armband for Presentations by Thalmic Labs

The MYO Armband uses electromyography (EMG) sensors to measure and record electrical impulses from your muscles. It then interprets this information and allows you to control various devices based on the gestures you make. MYO Armband is great for presentations and allows you to communicate with your hands using MYO’s Gesture control.

  • Reads the electrical activity of your muscles and the motion of your arm
  • A wearable presentation remote, Myo frees you to communicate with your hands
  • Lets you wirelessly control technology with hand gestures – Use your favorite presentation software: PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, Google Slides, Adobe PDF
  • Control robotics like EZ-Robot , Sphero and Parrot / Open APIs, free SDK, and direct Bluetooth protocol
  • Control presentation software on OS X 10.8, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Discover over 100+ applications including drones, games, and more on the Myo Market
  • Works with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices through Bluetooth with a range of up to 50 feet

At you can purchase a MYO Armband by Thalmic Labs – Black for only $199.99., which is 83% less than the cost in eBay ($1,203.00). The cheapest price was found on April 7, 2023 4:41 am. – View Buying Options


Thalmic Labs Myo Armband - rare limited edition Gesture Control (white)

Thalmic Labs Myo Armband – rare limited edition Gesture Control…

The Myo Armband is a high-tech wearable device that provides precise gesture control for a wide range of applications. Delivering natural, intuitive and hands-free interaction, this product offers a new way of interfacing technology with the human body. With its ergonomic design and customizable fit, the Myo Armband is ideal for professionals and hobbyists alike, simplifying tasks ranging from video game control to drone flight. Providing multiple benefits to users, the Myo Armband enables efficiency and productivity, which in turn saves time, enhances convenience and reduces fatigue. This innovative device utilizes cutting-edge electromyography technology that allows for seamless, real-time communication between the human body and external devices. Perfect for in-home or professional use, the Myo Armband is an affordable and game-changing product that offers natural, hands-free control for any technological application.

The Myo Armband is a groundbreaking wearable device that was made for the ultimate control of your digital world without having to rely on conventional tools. It is powered by cutting-edge gesture recognition and electromyography (EMG) technology that reads the electrical activity of your muscle tissues, translating it into gestures and movements that can be used to interact with computers, smartphones, and other digital devices. The ergonomic design of the armband ensures that it fits comfortably around your forearm and the adjustable strap enables a secure fit even during intense activities. The armband connects to your devices via Bluetooth and it works seamlessly with over 40 apps ranging from gaming, music, and virtual reality. With the Myo Armband, you can play your favorite games, stream videos, adjust volume, take photos, and control presentations among others, all with just a simple gesture of your hand. Whether you’re a gamer, a musician, a graphic designer, or a professional presenter, the Myo Armband has everything you need to take control of your digital world in a whole new way.

Myo Armband

released on May 1, 2015

How does the Myo Gesture Control Armband work?

The Myo Gesture Control Armband uses advanced sensors and software to detect and interpret the electrical activity in your muscles. It translates these signals into various hand gestures and movements, allowing you to control devices and interact with digital environments without the need for physical buttons or touchscreens.

What devices can the Myo Gesture Control Armband be used with?

The Myo Gesture Control Armband can be used with a variety of devices, including computers, smartphones, and virtual reality headsets. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth and works with compatible software and apps to enable gesture-based control and interaction.

Is the Myo Gesture Control Armband comfortable to wear?

Yes, the Myo Gesture Control Armband is designed to be comfortable and lightweight, with a flexible and adjustable fit that can accommodate various arm sizes. The armband is made with breathable materials and features a sweat-resistant design, making it suitable for extended use during physical activities or in various environments.

Myo Armband

Myo Armband As sales for Myo ended in October 2018, Myo software, hardware, and SDKs are no longer available or supported. You can still use Myo for gesture-based input control. Google (which acquired North in June 2020) does not collect user data from Myo armbands.

Myo Armband Review | iReviews

Developed by Thalmic Labs, Inc., Myo is a gesture-controlled armband that is positioned to be the future of wearable technology. The Myo Armband is something completely new. By reading electrical activities in your muscles and motion in your arm, a user is able to control technology with hand gestures.

Thalmic Labs shutters sales of Myo gesture control armband …

The Myo armband used electromyography (EMG) sensors to measure and record electrical impulses given off by our muscles. By digesting these pulses, the armband would control a device based on the…

// Thalmic Labs Company Profile

Thalmic Labs is a company that is dedicated to research and development of gesture control systems. Thalmic Labs is best known for their MYO armband. – View Profile

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