Morgan Stanley Proposes Massive $150 Billion Investment in Bitcoin

A recent report revealed that Morgan Stanley’s investment wing Counterpoint Global is planning to place a $150 billion bet on Bitcoin.

Although nothing concrete has been finalized, the firm is presenting the proposal to its investors to find out whether they are in line with the investment plan. However, everything is still subject to regulatory approval.

If the investment goes through, it will not the first time the global investment bank is involved in Bitcoin-related investment. It had previously bought an 11% stake in business intelligence firm MicroStrategy, which has invested heavily in Bitcoin. However, this is a bit different because the investment this time is coming from Morgan Stanley.

More institutional banks turn to crypto

Morgan Stanley’s analysts have admitted that Bitcoin has the potential to compete strongly against the US dollar. However, they voiced their concerns about the cryptocurrency’s lesser appeal as a currency as more people “hodl” it.

The investment unit has about 20 different funds under asset management, with 25% of those funds gaining more than 100% last year.

New OCC Regulations Could Be a Double-Edged Sword for Crypto Sector

Morgan Stanley is not the only traditional institutional bank that has a genuine interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Recently, Visa and JP Morgan confirmed plans to collaborate and maintain crypto payment services. They also agreed to ensure further developments in the crypto industry based on market conditions and the demands of clients.

Counterpoint Global has a reputation of racking up wins in mutual funds, by correctly picking positive-yielding stocks.

The crypto community is seriously following this development, as Morgan Stanley is one of the institutions that will confirm the serious adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies have caught the attention of the mainstream

Wall Street has always seen cryptocurrency as very volatile and risky to invest in. But a four-fold increase of Bitcoin has got some of the top mainstream players changing their narratives about the crypto asset.

It has made digital assets more difficult to ignore. After Bitcoin caught the attention of hedge fund tycoons like Paul Tudor Jones and Alan Howard, it has been recognized by mainstay firms like Mastercard. Before that, PayPal entered joined the party by opening its platform for crypto-based payments.

Last week, the most valuable car manufacturing company in the world Tesla announced a $1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin. It also plans to accept crypto payments later this year. It’s proof that cryptocurrency is gradually winning the battle of mainstream adoption. And that’s what the crypto community is waiting for.

The investment unit has about 20 different funds under asset management, with 25% of those funds gaining more than 100% last year.


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