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McDonald’s Owners Say Energy Smart ‘Transformed Day-to-Day Operations’ – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-08-10 09:33:16 –

New Orleans – 3443 S. Carrollton Avenue McDonald’s franchise owners Terry and Lorraine Scott said they saved By upgrading the lighting, HVAC, and flyer systems, we can save $ 12,620 a year and share that savings with our employees. The change began when Scotts signed up for Energy Smart. A comprehensive energy efficiency program developed by the New Orleans City Council and managed by Entergy New Orleans. The program provides Entergy New Orleans customers with a cash incentive to perform energy-saving upgrades at home or at work.

“Before implementing these upgrades, electricity bills hit an average of about $ 6,000 a month in profits,” said Terry Scott. “Since working with EnergySmart, billing has dropped significantly. These savings have contributed to our success through the COVID-19 crisis.”

According to Scott, the restaurant’s new outdoor LED lighting brightened the parking lot and the entire surrounding block, ensuring the safety of Scotts employees during the night shift. The HVAC upgrade makes the space more comfortable. The new fryer has reduced cooking time and increased productivity.

“Energy Smart has truly transformed our day-to-day operations,” continues Lorraine Scott. “All Öhlins parish business owners have access to and absolutely must have access to the significant financial support provided through this program.”

Energy Smart is committed to reaching and servicing more companies through Orleans Parish. Commercial and industrial products It is available to SMEs, non-profit organizations and publicly funded institutions.Small business customers can receive it for free Small business kit Access to online store You can get a discount immediately after purchasing an energy-saving product.

visit Alternatively, call (504) 229-6868.

McDonald’s Owners Say Energy Smart ‘Transformed Day-to-Day Operations’ Source link McDonald’s Owners Say Energy Smart ‘Transformed Day-to-Day Operations’


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