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May’s Xbox Games with Gold include Episode 1 Racer

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Subscribers can claim Star Wars Episode 1 Racer (available May 1 – 31) and puzzle-platformer Hoa (available May 16 – June 15), Xbox revealed on Thursday.

“Play as young Anakin Skywalker or any of the over twenty-one podracers,” the platform holder says of Episode 1 Racer. “Fire up your two massive jet engines and rev up to 600 MPH as you race by and over flaming methane lakes, through meteor showers, past Tusken Raiders, and more.”

Meanwhile, Hoa sees players “travel through the beautiful, mythologically inspired world of Hoa… This is a soothing, meditative puzzle-platformer which will utterly charm you with hand-painted art and a beautiful score. Lose yourself in the little wonders.”

April’s Xbox Live Games with Gold are still available to redeem for a brief period of time.

Co-op strategy game Out of Space: Couch Edition is available to redeem until April 30, puzzle adventure Source:

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