Matt Ti focuses on digitalisation with aims to connect buyers and sellers

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The aftermath of global pandemic has subsided and the real estate market seems bullish. The cosmopolitan city of Dubai which is synonymous with the plush shopping malls, penthouses and real estate activity is facing rapid economic expansion.

The real estate industry has experienced significant growth and changes over the past few years and it seems positive. Dubai based Real Estate Company MattDubaioffplan is eyeing major expansion in the upcoming few months which includes creating a digital platform for the real estate transactions which the company plans to launch in February.

The mega event Expo 2020 Dubai which was the world’s biggest cultural gathering has brought investors from across the globe on a common platform to discuss new avenues for investments and this has added more boost to the UAE’s economic growth with a focus on the real estate industry. As per the figures issued by Dubai Land Department (DLD) issued by Dubai Land Department (DLD) Dubai real estate market recorded 500 sales transactions worth AED1.42 billion, in addition to 68 mortgage deals of AED219.2 million, and 16 gift deals amounting to AED140.24 million till recently.

Matt Ti, Founder, MattDubaioffplan spoke at length about his company embracing digital platform and going digital, “The USP of this digital platform will be that the both buyer and the sellers can update their requirements and this will only speed up the requirements and it will act like an interface between both of them. Our company has agents across China, Russia, India and UK and this will serve a lot clients who want to invest in Dubai real estate. ”

Further elaborating he said that The UAE remains a lucrative market for local and global investors, He pointed out few of these initiatives which the government has undertaken to attract foreign investment when he said, “The visionary leadership of this country has taken many steps to make UAE a global business hub. Few steps like allowing 100% foreign-owned businesses offering extended visas for entrepreneurs, providing funding and support for smaller businesses and attract international businesses to the region. ”


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