Markiplier announces new condition for him to release OF content

Mark “Markiplier” created quite the buzz on the internet earlier this week after announcing that he would be releasing OF (OnlyFans) content for his fans if they meet some of his required conditions.

In a more recent video released on his YouTube channel titled …wow, the creator acknowledged his audience’s determination as they met half the requirements within three days.

Realizing the immense magnitude of the tasks that he had set, Mark further announced that he was changing the requirements by giving fans a completely new set of instructions that must be followed for him to launch the much anticipated OnlyFans account.

Markiplier sets a new condition for launching his OF account


In his most recent video, the YouTuber announced that while he commends the effort shown by the fans to complete one half of the previous conditions, he cannot, in good conscience, release the OnlyFans account without proper cause. Markiplier then announced that fans have to complete an entirely different goal now to get what they want:

“But I’m not unfair and I do recognize the efforts that you’ve put in. You’ve exceeded my expectations so I’ve come to renogotiate my contract and to offer you a new condition to meet for my OnlyFans to be a reality.”

This time, however, the condition is simple: Watch the documentary Markiplier from North Korea. Interestingly, there is no view count goal or anything that has to be met.

According to the creator, it is a whole documentary written by his mother and is about his Korean family and how he went to meet them in the Far-Eastern nation. Fans can go to the link in the video’s description to sign up for the movie.

Fan reactions to the announcement

Markiplier’s fans were equally, if not more interested, in watching the documentary to get what they clearly want. Here are some of the reactions from fans after the creator talked about disappointing his mother if enough people don’t watch the docufilm.

Fan reactions (Image via Markiplier/YouTube)
Fan reactions (Image via Markiplier/YouTube)

@markiplier I have already disappointed MY Korean mother, I can’t disappoint another.

Why does Markiplier want to create an OnlyFans account anyway?

For those wondering why the veteran YouTuber suddenly wants to make an OF account, Markiplier is known for using risque tactics to raise money for charity. Last time, he released a calendar of his “tasteful n*des” that was insanely successful and sold over 38,000 copies.

In a video uploaded by him on Sunday, October 16, he revealed that this time he would be using the popular platform instead, where he would be doing much the same:

“My OnlyFans will be much the same, except I won’t be signing it. But all of the proceeds will be donated to charity.”

The initial conditions he had laid down in that video were basically connected to two podcasts that the YouTuber is associated with: Distractible and Go! My Favorite Sports Team. The goal for the fans who want him to release the content for charity was to listen to both the podcasts so much that they would top the charts on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Despite managing to beat the wildly popular The Joe Rogan Experience podcast to become #1 on Soptify, fans could not manage to do the same for Distractible on Apple’s platform. This is why Mark seems to have changed the rules of the game.

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Markiplier sets a new condition for launching his OF account


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