Loyalsock Township man held over for court in alleged attempted homicides

Coy Thornton is returned to the county prison Monday following his preliminary hearing. PHIL HOLMES/Sun-Gazette

After hearing nearly 30 minutes of testimony Monday, a judge ruled there was enough evidence to hold Coy Thornton on all charges in connection with allegedly firing several shots into a crowd of people outside his Loyalsock Township home on Jan. 7.

No one was injured.

On that night, a verbal argument Thornton had with a husband and wife who live next door to him turned violent when Thornton stormed into his home at 1965 Walters Road, came back out with a handgun and began firing at the couple and others who were in their driveway about 9 p.m., state police alleged in court documents.

Both the husband and wife, along with Trooper Jamesan Keeler, who filed the charges, testified at Thornton’s preliminary hearing before District Judge Gary Whiteman.

Thornton and the couple share a driveway, and, driving a car, Thornton pulled into the driveway allegedly intoxicated and nearly hit a parked vehicle, according to testimony.

“My wife was outside and told him, ‘You’re drunk, go lie down,’” the husband testified.

The wife went into her house and asked the husband to go out and talk with Thornton about his driving.

The couple went out together.

“He (Thornton) told us ‘To go (expletive) yourself.’ He then put down his zipper and peed. He said he was on his own property and could do what he wanted,” the wife said.

“There were more words, and then he said ‘You want to see crazy. I’ll show you (expletive) crazy,’” the wife added. Thornton briefly went in his house.

Hearing the commotion, others in the couple’s house came outside.

Thornton then came out of his house and allegedly began firing.

“I saw the barrel of a gun, and heard six shots,” the wife said. She and others in the driveway dove for cover, according to testimony.

Thornton returned to his home only to come out and fire more rounds at the couple’s home, police allege.

Before she ducked, she heard someone yell, “He has a gun,” the wife testified.

“I have to live with this for the rest of my life” she said during cross examination.

Keeler testified investigators recovered 10 bullet casings outside Thornton’s home.

Thornton, 40, of 1965 Walters Road, was held for court on six counts each of attempted homicide, aggravated assault and recklessly endangering and one count of DUI.

At the conclusion of the hearing, Whiteman modified Thornton’s bail from no bail to $250,000. Thornton was returned to the Lycoming County Prison, where he has been held since the night of the shooting.

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Source: https://www.sungazette.com/uncategorized/2023/01/loyalsock-township-man-held-over-for-court-in-alleged-attempted-homicides/

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