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Letter: Read between the lines on school board candidates

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Standing above a banner of the Eagle County Grassroots Conservatives, whose page of “educational materials” includes Steve Bannon, Spanish scientists who discovered what is really in the Pfizer vaccine, and Mike Lindell dancing around a stolen election, Heather Bergquist spoke about homeschooling her children and her God-given right to make decisions…



Letter: School zone violations

Something wicked is afoot in Eagle County. A group has been disturbing the Eagle County School Board to “protest” public health orders and vaccines in schools. They have a slate of candidates. You can’t miss their well-funded campaigns. Much more money than is common is being spent on signage for school board races. This is not being funded out of candidates’ pockets as in the past.

Letter: Ballot Issue 2A is a winner

Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup, said: “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” Winning the affordable housing challenge is essential to Vail’s workforce and continued economic success. The Vail Local Marketing District Advisory Committee conducted a lodging survey this summer and asked the hospitality…

Campaign donations, spending vary among school board candidates

Across town and online, campaign signs, door hangers, business cards and ads have been prominently displayed for the race to fill the five available seats on the Eagle County School District Board of Education. These campaign materials are the result of campaign donations and expenditures from the 11 candidates — and the two committees representing them.

Letter: Yes on 6A to build a stronger community

It’s rare that a single opportunity comes along to invest in making our community stronger, safer, more inclusive and socially connected, but that’s exactly what Ballot Issue 6A is. It is an investment in our current wellness as much as it is in our future generations’. This new direction will…


School Views: A strong community

It’s autumn in the High Country, which means two things: Halloween is upon us, and a full slate of local elections is just around the corner. Two pastimes that challenge us to be good neighbors and active community members, with both offering a chance to practice kindness and engagement. As…

School mask mandate extended once again through Dec. 17

On Friday, Eagle County Public Health and Environment extended the current public health order requiring masks for all students, teachers, staff and visitors in all pre-kindergarten to eighth grade buildings. The order was set to expire Friday, but will now be in effect through Dec. 17. This is the second…

Letter: To the people of Eagle

There are many factors that make somebody decide to run for Town Council. For me, the largest factor is our daughter. We want to raise her in a neighborly community like Eagle. My wife and I have lived in Eagle for nearly a decade. Around the time we were getting…

Letter: Hansen is a true leader who’ll serve Vail well

I was a Vail resident for 17 years, and had the opportunity to work with Kirk Hansen when he was church council president a few years ago when I was also a council member. He was organized, measured in the presentation of his positions, professional and very effective leading our congregation through financial and administrative challenges. I learned a lot from him and was always impressed with his calm and pragmatic approach to board disagreements and church needs.


Letter: Rebuttal to Williams column

The Oct. 21 column by David O. Williams was one of the most offensive spewages of opinion that I have read in this newspaper. The vitriol and conjecture by Williams were a shocking display of intolerance, melded with a bias that is, in itself, dangerous on the level that this writer is a quasi-member of the Vail Daily team using the reach of this newspaper to propagate his hegemonic, left-wing views.

Letter: Education is a lot more than just the 3 R’s

The three R’s cover an important portion of what matters. I believe it goes without saying that educators have been trained to focus on successful reading, writing and arithmetic strategies. To suggest otherwise is insulting to our teachers who work hard to make sure our students can do these basic things.

Letter: Rediker for Vail Town Council

Our mom has been engaged in the community since we were kids. She has consistently put in the effort to understand issues that locals face and to find ways to get involved and come up with solutions. She was on Town Council when we were kids and has since been a part of numerous town and state committees.

Letter: 2A is about community

A vote for 2A is a vote for Vail’s community and future. We have discussed housing issues for years without creating long term solutions. Ballot Issue 2A is our opportunity to create homes for current and future neighbors. 2A keeps employees in local businesses and maintains a diverse and thriving local community.


Romer: Perspective matters at a time like this

A friend recently shared a story in which a man reported as missing joined the search party for a missing person not realizing the individual being pursued was him. The man went drinking with a friend in a forest and his wife reported him missing after he did not return home and she heard he had walked away from his friend, drunk.

Our View: Eagle County Commissioners don’t need a third term

The Eagle County commissioners have asked, again, for an extension in the amount of time they can hold office, putting Issue 1A on the fall ballot. Colorado’s Constitution prohibits elective office holders from serving more than eight consecutive years. Voters can extend or remove those limits. In Eagle County, the…

Letter: Stockmar, Staufer, Hansen, Middleton for Vail

We are supporting Brian Stockmar, Jonathan Staufer, Kirk Hansen and Kathryn Middleton for Vail Town Council. These four candidates are best suited to address the enormous challenges facing Vail today. They are all longtime residents who have expressed their desire to not limit themselves to a single issue, but to work to address numerous quality of life issues.

Letter: Heather for the children, and for civility

I challenge voters for the Eagle County School District Board of Education election to closely examine my campaign platform. Comb my website, watch my posted videos, and evaluate my statements. Consider the body of my life’s work as a wife, mother, educator, boss, coworker, neighbor, and friend. Next, I invite voters to scrutinize and contrast David O. Williams’ recent column.


Letter: Seibert, Davis, Newbury Rediker, Coggin for Vail

Over the last few days, an advertisement in the Vail Daily has urged Vail voters to vote early and proposed a slate of candidates for Vail Town Council. This motivated me to review the ballot and consider my vote. Rather than follow a proposed slate, I decided to do my own research.

Letter: A tale of two incumbents

Incumbents Brian Stockmar and Travis Coggin are running for re-election. Each have a track record. Coggin’s record includes voting against the advice of multiple, hired wildlife experts in order to advance a development that has the highest likelihood of causing the demise of local wildlife. Coggins voted to accept an inaccurate and insufficient traffic report involving a major interstate exit with implications for pedestrians and emergency vehicle access.

Letter: A very bigoted column

I thought very hard about just ignoring David O. Williams column where he “respectfully” asks us to vote for the candidates of his choice in the Eagle County School District Board of Education election. I beg to differ with him, his urging was less than respectful. Williams appears to need…

Eagle County commissioners approve Edwards RiverPark plan

The long wait for a decision on Edwards RiverPark is finally over. In a unanimous vote, the Eagle County commissioners approved the large development project Tuesday. The green light came after a last-minute offer from the development team at an Oct. 7 meeting to increase the number of deed-restricted housing units to 270 total and lower building heights to a maximum of 70 feet.

Donovan Larsen

Donovan is a columnist and associate editor at the Dark News. He has written on everything from the politics to diversity issues in the workplace.

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