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Discover How To Use Labster In Your Classroom

  • See inside a virtual lab.
  • Find out how Labster keeps students engaged.
  • Hear how other instructors are using Labster.
  • Discover how student outcomes improve.
  • Gain trial access to Labster.

☑ Up to 8 simulations

☑ Teacher Dashboard

☑ Fast Setup

☑ 200+ simulations

☑ LMS Integrations

☑ Onboarding Support

Based on School Size and Type

☑ 200+ simulations

☑ LMS Integrations

☑ Faculty Services

Based on District Size and Type

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Get free access to our Lab Safety virtual laboratory, which is one of 200+ different virtual learning simulations available today.

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Simulations Included





Pre-read Theory

Faculty Resources

Teacher Dashboard

Automated Grading

LMS Integration

Course Mapping

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Live Onboarding

Large-Scale Access

Faculty Training

More Features Included in All Options

  • Student learning assistant in all simulations
  • Theory handouts for each simulation / topic
  • Quiz questions with each simulation
  • Unlimited student re-plays of simulations
  • Individual adaptive student progression
  • Interactive 3D animations for complex concepts
  • Storylines to engage students in their learning
  • Automated save games and check-points

Trusted by Top Institutions Globally

I am targeting student motivation, engagement and retention, low costs and skills training at this point. Labster ticks all these boxes beautifully.

Dr. Kamesh Narasimhan

Dr. Kamesh NarasimhanProfessor of Chemistry
SUNY Corning Community College

With virtual labs, we actually get the students to do more scientific thinking and less hand manipulation. And that’s what we really want, the students learning how to think scientifically.

Dr. Cindy Malone

Dr. Cindy MaloneBiology Professor, California State University, Northridge

The preliminary results of our research show higher scores for Labster students compared to their traditional counterparts.

Dr. Ana Maria Barral

Dr. Ana Maria BarralAssociate Professor, National University, California



Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the price?

Depending on your package, Labster may include 160+ simulations, automated grading, a teacher dashboard, LMS integration, course mapping, and various other features. See the table above for more details.

How long does access last?

For courses, access typically lasts the length of one course (up to 6 months). This usually increases to a year for school- or system-wide access.

How is Labster purchased?

Licenses to Labster are purchased either by the institution or by students directly.

Do pricing options vary by country?

Regional pricing may be available in certain countries. Contact us to learn more.

How can I get more information about pricing?

Contact us for more details. For general information about Labster, explore the Resources and Support pages.


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