Is Esports Technologies A Good Investment

Esports investments 2022

Esports is a growing industry with the potential to be an entertainment juggernaut. Investments into esports technology are on the rise, and looking at data from companies like these, it’s easy to see why.

According to Statista, investments in the global market for esports reached $1 billion in 2018; this figure is projected to reach $2.4 billion by 2022. As you can imagine, many firms want a piece of that pie! To find out if one investment will provide more than just crumbs, let’s take a look at some of the most popular companies investing in different aspects of esports technology: TCL (televisions), Intel (computer hardware), Red Bull (energy drinks) and Facebook (social media).


TCL Holdings PLC (the Chinese electronics company) has partnered with ESL, one of the world’s largest esports organizations, to create an esports division. This division will showcase their televisions at major events like Germany’s Gamescom and IEM Katowice held by Intel in Poland. As gamers continue to prioritize the experience over price, high quality screens are becoming more common. To capitalize on this trend, TCL limited edition screens have been designed specifically for “high-level game play”. The devices come pre-installed with software that can monitor performance and provide other predictive services. Brands like this could allow consumers to find a product tailored to their needs as opposed to settling for standard features across models.

Esports companies to invest

Esports is a new and emerging industry with the potential to be one of the largest industries in the world. Esports companies are investing heavily into this growing industry, but it’s not always easy for investors to find which companies are worth their time and money. This article will cover some of the best esports investments available on the market today.

Esports has grown at an incredible rate over recent years, with revenues expected to reach $696 million by 2020. The global esports economy has been estimated at being worth around 1 billion dollars already, making it one of fastest-growing industries in history given its relative infancy. There are currently 150+ million people worldwide watching esports tournaments live or through video streaming platforms such as TwitchTV, YouTube Gaming or Facebook Live.

Because esports is such a new industry, any company can make their way onto the global stage and become an international success. As such there are many esports companies with high return potential for investors willing to take the risk.

I think it’s important to note that this article only lists publicly-traded companies which also happen to be in the esports space. Private or closely-held companies (such as Cloud9 and Team Liquid) may very well be worth investing in but they don’t qualify for inclusion on this list given that we’re focusing on only publicly-traded organizations. For reference, all valuations included below were pulled from Crunchbase, unless otherwise noted.

Is esports technologies a good investment

Esports market size

The esports market size is expected to grow from $1.8 billion in 2018 to about $2.4 billion by 2020, a compound annual growth rate of 9%. This means that the global esports economy will almost double in less than three years.

In other words, it’s a great time for investors and entrepreneurs who want to get into this market before it really takes off! The best opportunities are for those who can offer products or services related to live streaming, video editing software, virtual reality headsets and games development tools. It should come as no surprise that there is a high demand for these types of products among gamers who want their gaming experience to be more immersive and realistic. But an investor might also consider investing in companies that can sell or provide access to premium esports content.

For example, an investor could decide to invest in MLG (Major League Gaming), which owns and operates one of the world’s largest esports networks and events like the MLG Anaheim Open. It also provides gaming technology products such as its online streaming platform, MLG: Play that allows for competitive play on both mobile and console devices.

Esports technologies IPO examples

On August 14th, 2018, Tencent Holdings Ltd. made history when it listed its video game subsidiary Riot Games on the New York Stock Exchange via a direct listing instead of using underwriters in what is known as a “traditional IPO.”

Is esports technologies a good investment

Esports industry worth

The esports industry is growing at an unprecedented pace. It’s already worth $700 million and expected to grow to over $1 billion by 2020. The industry has attracted investments from major players like Goldman Sachs, Turner Sports, Google Ventures, and others. And according to one study commissioned by Activision Blizzard Inc., it will generate more than $6 billion in revenue annually by 2020. The global audience for esports was 380 million people in 2017 with 31 percent of that audience coming from the United States alone!

The growth of the esports industry is just one example of how investors can use technology products as a means for generating returns on their capital investment. Technology stocks are notoriously volatile but this provides opportunities for savvy investors who know what they’re doing. When evaluating a technology company, investors should also consider factors like its revenue growth potential and how the firm’s products will fare in the future.

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Is esports technologies a good investment

Esports stocks 2022

Esports is a word that has taken the world by storm. The industry is growing at an exponential rate and experts estimate it will be worth $1 billion dollars within three years.

Given this, many people are looking to invest in the potential for esports stocks 2022. But how do you know if investing in esports technology would be a good investment? There are plenty of factors to consider before making your final decision, so take a look at these first:

-How much money can you afford to put into this venture?

-What’s your risk tolerance level as an investor?

-Are there any other investments available that might better suit your needs?

-What type of return on investment does this opportunity offer relative to what else is out on the market?

Using these considerations, you’ll be on your way to knowing whether or not esports stocks 2022 would be a good investment for you.

Is esports technologies a good investment

Esports Technologies stock

Esports Technologies, Inc. (ET) is a publicly traded company based in Tampa, Florida. Esports is the term used to describe competitive video gaming and ET’s goal is to be the industry leader in esports technology development and delivery. The Company designs, develops and delivers products for use by gamers as well as game developers/publishers who have an interest in creating or improving their own games for esports competition. The Company’s current line of products includes: ChromaCam™ – a software-based camera system that enables real-time capture of high definition video from a variety of sources including traditional television broadcasts with live commentary; Replay Capture Systems – replay systems that enable professional gameplay recording from multiple sources such as PCs, consoles or mobile devices (with free-roaming cameras that can be placed anywhere in a game’s environment); and Broadcast Integration Solutions – synthesizes live video feeds with dynamic overlay graphics, real-time statistics and automated infographics. Esports Technologies is dedicated to developing products that will revolutionize esports broadcasting.

How to invest in esports

Esports technologies are a hot topic in the world of sports, but what is it? Esports refers to competitive video gaming. It’s an industry that has been growing rapidly over the past few years, with revenues reaching into billions annually. With so much money being exchanged between gamers and companies alike, there are many opportunities for investors who have enough capital to take advantage of this growth.

When deciding whether or not you want to invest in esports technologies, keep these three things in mind: 1) how much time do you have available for research and monitoring your investments; 2) your risk tolerance level—are you more conservative or aggressive when making purchases; 3) how informed are you about the specific investment opportunity? If you’re not sure, consider using expert financial services for these types of transactions.

How do I get started

Should you invest in esports technologies? Well, the first thing to do is ask yourself how comfortable you are with high risk/reward situations. The answer will determine whether or not this type of investment is suited to your personality and financial goals. If it does, then then next step involves acquiring detailed information about the company itself—who they are, where their revenue stream comes from (advertising, sponsorships), how secure is their website (is there malware on it? ), what kinds of assets do they own (competitors?!). Lastly, be extremely wary of any trouble that occurs between investments.

Esports Stock ETF

Esports Stock ETF is the first ever stock exchange-traded fund for esports. It will be traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker ESHO. The ETF seeks to mirror or track an index of publicly-traded video game publishers, video game developers, and other companies who are at least 50% involved in gaming or esports. As a result, it also includes several major hardware manufacturers like Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) and AMD (AMD). Finally, there are some big media names including AT&T Incorporated (T), Walt Disney Company (DIS), Comcast Corporation (CMCSA), Twenty-First Century Fox Inc.(FOXA) and Time Warner Incorporated(TWX).

Nvidia Corporation (NVDA)

Nvidia’s graphics processing units (GPUs) are widely used in gaming. It is using this expertise to move into artificial intelligence, a market that it has identified as a key growth area. The company recently announced a new chip for AI-powered vehicles and autonomous vehicles at CES 2017, which it plans to release by the end of 2018. By 2035, car makers will have shifted from ICE-based models towards EVs, according to Lux Research Inc. In its recent Electric Vehicle Intelligence Report, Lux estimates that about 25 million self-driving cars will be sold worldwide by 2025.

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