iPhone users facing battery drain issues while using 5G? Here’s the step-by-step guide for more backup

New Delhi: With the most recent release of the iOS 16 developer beta, Apple enabled 5G on several iPhone models. iPhone users who signed up for the developer beta programme and got the iOS 16.2 update can now use 5G. Although many beta programme participants see quick 5G connectivity, their battery life is subpar. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering how much battery iOS 16 uses on all iPhone models. And just as when using 4G instead of Wi-Fi, using 5G will drain your iPhone’s battery more quickly.

Users of Apple’s iPhone can use 5G while using a feature that helps conserve battery life. This functionality might not always provide 5G, though. The “5G Auto” networking option automatically switches between 5G and 4G based on the individual they get.

For instance, the iPhone will automatically switch to the 4G network if the 5G signal in your area is less. Your iPhone will later switch back to 5G if you are in a location with stronger 5G coverage.

The battery is heavily depleted when using 5G because it is continually searching for 5G signals, even when there are weaker singles in some regions. In contrast, when using the “5G Auto” feature, it might not constantly search for 5G bars. It will only activate 5G when there is a strong signal and revert to 4G if there is weak 5G connectivity.

Despite the fact that you might not always be using 5G, you might still benefit from the feature’s reliable connectivity. Here are the steps to be followed to avoid battery draining.

– Open the setting of your device.

– Click on the mobile data option.

– Click on the mobile data settings options.

– Click on the voice and data tabs.

– Click on the 5G auto option.

Source: https://zeenews.india.com/technology/iphone-users-facing-battery-drain-issues-while-using-5g-heres-the-step-by-step-guide-for-more-backup-2536307.html

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