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Intelligent Infrastructure, Smart Cities to be Biggest Lidar Markets in Coming

Our mission is to create smart technology for a world in motion in use cases including in geospatial and mapping, as well as last mile delivery, industrial and robotics, manufacturing and infrastructure.

LiDAR technology is applicable across so many industries, improving safety, efficiency, and sustainability, and offering privacy and equity benefits. We continue to drive toward mass market adoption, including in the geospatial market, industrial and robotics and smart city industries. The use-cases and applications for LiDAR are broader than what most camera and radar technology can offer due to LiDAR’s ability to work in all weather and lightening conditions, capture object trajectory, and produce high resolution 3D imaging, even in inaccessible environments.

V2X Communication: The digitized vehicle and infrastructure technology market is expanding. Consequently, we will see more opportunities for the integration of vehicle-to-everything communications (V2X) in which data and analytics provided by LiDAR can advance the deployment of these intelligent transportation systems. Vehicle manufacturers can leverage these analytics in combination with their on-board safety systems to reduce accident probability and improve efficiency of the transportation system.

Additionally, when LiDAR hardware is embedded with software, it is easier for customers to deploy products and obtain actionable perception information to guide safe autonomous decision making.

3D Mapping: LiDAR continues to attract new users and new applications. This is especially true in the engineering and 3D modeling sectors. Velodyne Lidar works with companies to provide highly accurate 3D models of environments for mobile mapping.

Our deep and long-lasting relationships with customers allow us to work with them at the system level to understand their pain points and solve their needs. We want to ensure that the products we are developing are addressing real world needs.

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