India officially recognises Esports as a part of “multisport event”

The Indian government has officially recognized esports in the country. Esports will now be a part of the “multisports event” category in India under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and sports and a section related to “matters relating to online gaming” is added under MeitY as well.

Under the Cabinet Secretariat, the addition of “esports” was notified under the sub-heading Department of Sports under, the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. The notification was sent on December 23rd, 2022 marked on memo No: S.O.6062(E).

This is a substantial step towards regularizing an industry that brings in millions if not billions of dollars every year in terms of investments and expenditures. The Government has made its intentions and willingness to boost the digital economy and gaming (now can be called esports) in India.

Although this is just the beginning, the formation of a committee or at least a table at the existing one is what the community should be looking up to.

Pranav Nalawade


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