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Hubsai Introduces the First AI-Based Smart Home Platform Integration with Apple Watch 6®

SAN RAMON, Calif., Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Hubsai Inc., a Smart Home Automation company specializing in residential homes, apartments, and multi-family units, announced it is now live with a full integration of its smart home platform with Apple Watch 6.

Hubsai utilizes Apple Watch voice command technology to make home automation easy and hands-free. Users can tell their Apple Watch what they want to do and the Hubsai Mobile app will execute the request. Using the Hubsai Mobile app in conjunction with the Apple Watch 6, users can now monitor and modify thermostats, flood sensors, indoor and outdoor cameras and video feeds, lights, and motion sensors—entirely by voice command. Real-time feeds and automatic on/off smart light scheduling mean users can be confident that their residence is safe. In creating its Hub and Mobile applications, Hubsai has partnered with a number of smart home industry leaders including Philips, Amcrest, and Fibaro to take home automation to the next level.

Some of the scenarios where this new integration can help automate and simplify a consumer’s daily routines include:

  • Both hands full of groceries? Simply tell Apple Watch to unlock the front door.
  • Multiple garage door openers in rainy weather or late at night? The Hubsai app will automatically open the garage door even before pulling into the driveway.
  • On vacation or a business trip? Get peace of mind by requesting an audible update on the current status of their home security system.
  • Multiple properties? Apple Watch will ask which property and feature to activate.

A video demonstration of Hubsai’s Apple Watch integration is now available for viewing.

Of the company’s latest release, CEO Mike Ghodoosian said, “After developing cutting-edge smart home technology, such as our Hubsai Hub and Hubsai Mobile applications, we are thrilled to go live with this fully integrated functionality with Apple Watch. This enhancement will bring our customers an extraordinary experience in home automation control, convenience and safety.”

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About Hubsai Inc.
Hubsai Inc. is a smart home solution company based in San Ramon, California. Revenue for the U.S. smart home market is projected to reach over $41B by 2023, and Hubsai is poised to grow exponentially during this time. Hubsai is now open for investment on NetCapital.

About Netcapital
Netcapital is a private securities platform that brings together entrepreneurs and investors. For entrepreneurs, Netcapital reduces the complexity and cost of issuing shares, fundraising, and collaborating with investors. For investors, Netcapital provides deal flow and tools to track investments. Through its funding portal, broker-dealer, transfer agent, and custodian relationships, Netcapital provides services to private markets that are inspired by public markets. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter, @netcapital.

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  • Multiple garage door openers in rainy weather or late at night? The Hubsai app will automatically open the garage door even before pulling into the driveway.
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