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Huawei launches its first lidar for self-driving cars

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Chinese giant Huawei has unveiled its first lidar designed for use in automotive self-driving systems. The volume of production of new items at the first stage will be about 100 thousand copies per year.

Huawei lidarHuawei lidar

Let us remind that lidars are one of the main components of modern self-control complexes for cars. Such modules use a laser emitter to scan the surrounding area, which makes it possible to obtain an accurate three-dimensional map of the location of objects around the machine.

Huawei’s solution provides a field of view angle of up to 120 degrees horizontally and up to 25 degrees vertically. The operating range reaches 200 meters with the reflectivity of the scanned object at the level of 50%.

It is noted that it took Huawei specialists about four years to develop the solution. One of the first lidars will be adopted by the BAIC Group (Beijing Automotive), a Chinese state-owned holding company that unites several automotive and engineering enterprises. It is quite possible that in the future Huawei will conclude agreements on the supply of lidars with other well-known automakers.


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