How to Dominate as Batman in MultiVersus – Complete Guide & Combos

Batman is one of the most fun characters in the MultiVersus, with a tool kit that while it starts simple you can get quite complex with it. He’s a high-tier character who can be used by beginners but can be one of the most rewards in skilled hands. He regularly pops up in MultiVersus esports events.

If you’re looking for a character to main, Batman MultiVersus is definitely worth getting into. While his kit might seem simple at first, it can get complex. This Batman MultiVersus guide covers what you need to know to dominate as the character.

Batman’s MultiVersus Kit

Batman is a bruiser fighter in MultiVersus which means he specialises in up-close combat. However, he’s a vertical bruiser. You’ll want to take advantage of the verticality around on the map. One of his big benefits of the Batman MultiVersus kit is playing in a rushdown style. He has high mobility, you can sweep around the map sticking to opponents and landing heavy blows. Mastering the more difficult parts of his kit should help you stay very close to your opponents, key to making the most out of Batman.

Batman’s bigger fighting moves are up-close blows and hits. However, his range of gadgets open things up. These give you longer-range options, the smoke bomb opens up buffs as well as protection, and tools for getting closer to opponents. The game covers Batman’s MultiVersus moves in greater detail, but these are the basic toolset we’ll be using.

  • Batarang – Neutral Ground and Air
  • Bat Combo – Ground Side Attack
  • Bat-Strike – Air Side Attack
  • Clear the Air – Up Attack Ground
  • Flying Uppercut – Up Air
  • Bat-Slide – Down Ground
  • Bat-Kick – Air Down
  • Bat-Bomb – Neutral Special
  • Bat-Grapple – Side Special
  • Rising Bat–Up Special Ground
  • Rapid Rising Bat – Air Up Special
  • Smoke Bomb – Down Ground Special
  • Crushing Justice – Down Air Special

Batman MultiVersus Strategy

Strategy with Batman in MultiVersus comes down to using his moves correctly. There’s a particular way to play this character that suits his kit, which is going to give you an easy time winning more matches with Batman. As mentioned, it’s basically a rushdown. But there’s more to it than just running at players and button-mashing.

You need to get close to players as Batman and throw out high-damage moves. Closing up that gap is going to be important; players will try to keep you away. Those that can keep a distance are the worst matchups for Batman in MultiVersus. Make good use of moves like the Bat-Slide and gadgets to pull in, then stick to them until you can land enough blows.

Crushing justice offers decent mobility. It’s a dive kick that has a generous hitbox. You can use this to get up close from above. The grappling hook is your next mobility move, which is fairly simple to use. If you’re on the ground it can get you up high too to start off an attack in the air. One good move with this is to use a smoke bomb to shield yourself here, it helps prevent enemies dodging it.

Another big boost for the Batman MultiVersus kit is avoidance. If you’re under too much pressure, those same mobility tools for getting close can help you evade and re-establish your game from a more neutral spot. Batman’s verticality is a double-edged sword here though, it’s easier to get knocked in the air, but take advantage of his diagonally upwards dodges for more options in movement.

Batman’s Batarang and Bombs

Batman doesn’t have any moves with armor, so he can be interrupted frequently. However, the Batarang is your friend here. It can go out in front of you at a slower pace, which helps shield your approach. Make sure you’re retrieving this as often as possible. You lose a fair bit of kit without the Batarang.

You can also use Batarangs for Spacing. When you’re under heavy attack and actually need some space, throwing out the Batarang can buy you enough time to cool off.

The smoke bomb is special in the MultiVersus batman kit, it actually applies haste. This makes getting up close a lot quicker. The smoke bomb should be thrown out as much as you can to get that buff active as much as possible.

Youtuber LilSun made the most complete guide to date on the character, with other content creators adding work on top of his initial guide. Check below:

Getting the Kill as Batman in MultiVersus

The bomb is one of the better moves to set up for a kill. Once you’ve dealt a decent amount of damage to enemy players, throw the bomb out to get them up to a knockout range. Here you’ve got close combat to confirm the kill and get ahead. Throwing the bomb via the Batarang is one of the best ways to get it to hit, it’s difficult to avoid. If you mix in with a smoke bomb, it becomes a great move. The smoke bomb also debuffs enemies with slow, so you’re getting set up to get up close and confirm the kill with this. It’s demanding on your kit, but if you time it right it can change the game.

The main strategy for Batman MultiVersus players is to get close to enemies, stay close, and get the damage in. These up-close moves should make enemies to easier kills without as much hassle for you. Once they’re at those high percentages you’ve got a few choices for the killing blow.

The rising bat special and Bat-Kick spike attack are two great kill moves. Both hit hard enough to get an easy ring out whenever enemies are at a high percentage. Ring-outs are easier for Batman in the air, particularly at the top of the screen.

Batman MultiVersus Combos

Combos are a great tool in MultiVersus. Batman has some fun options for players too. These aren’t combos like in games like Street Fighter, however, combos even in a platform fighter are something you need to use. The top MultiVersus and best Smash players all make great use of these. Even with patches regularly impacting combos, Batman has great options.

Youtuber MadJuice lays it out nicely in his guide:

Batman MultiVersus has some decent combo potential. You’ll want to practise these strings in the game before attempting them live, as a slip-up can stop the entire run. Since batman’s moves hit hard, these strings can quickly get you to a kill situation. These are some of the better combos for batman right now.

  • Vertical Combo – Aerial Down Attack + Up Attack + Aerial Up Attack + Up Special
  • Horizontal into Vertical – Down Attack + Side Attack + Aerial Up Attack + Arial Up Special
  • Batarang Combo (Kills on Higher Percentage) – Neutral Attack + Side Special + Aerial Up + Special


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