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Honda’s World-First Level 3 Self-Driving Tech Won’t Hog the Passing Lane

Honda filmed this example at its own proving grounds, so while it will likely translate to a similar real-world experience, it’s worth noting that things might not always work the same when you’re in a constantly changing environment. For example, it’s quite common for drivers to take advantage of gaps in traffic created by ADAS features like adaptive cruise. Could Sensing Elite be bullied in a similar manner?

Keep in mind that this particular feature isn’t necessarily exclusive to Honda, although it is the first automaker to implement it in a Level 3-equipped car. Tesla vehicles optioned with the $10,000 Full Self-Driving upgrade for Autopilot utilize a feature called Auto Lane Change that works similarly (you can watch a demo here), though Tesla’s offering is presently capped at Level 2 and requires the driver to keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times for it to function.

Regardless, it’s reassuring to see car companies make an effort to follow the rules of the road and not just create a half-baked product that gives itself carte blanche over other vehicles on the highway. Kudos, engineers.

Got a tip or question for the author? You can reach them here: [email protected]

Got a tip or question for the author? You can reach them here: [email protected]


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