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What you need to know for successful EV deployment.

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Proven to do the job by working on the job.

Lightning eMotors’ vehicles are already out in the world, delivering packages, hauling cargo, moving passengers and helping businesses of all kinds get the job done through clean, dependable electric power.

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Electric vehicles that work today.

Lightning eMotors will accelerate the deployment of commercial electric vehicles by providing proven technology, best-in-class reliability, end-to-end EV services, and world class support that simplifies fleet electrification.

Total miles driven: 3,952,912

CO2 mitigation: 7.20 million lbs

As of April 3, 2023
CO2 is on-road emissions mitigated

Lightning Energy

Building the right charging solution for you.

From installing a single charger to providing mobile chargers to designing and deploying your entire charging infrastructure from start to finish, we have the experts and the experience to deliver the solution that can power your fleet for years to come.

Lightning Energy

Lightning Mobile

Charging where you need it, when you need it.

Imagine what you can do with a DC Fast charger you can take anywhere. Up to 420 kWh of energy storage and up to five charging cables makes it ideal for fleet operations, vehicle rescue, events and disaster recovery.

Lightning Mobile

Lightning Powered

Providing electric
powertrains for OEMs.

For vehicle manufacturers looking to provide electric powertrain options to their customers, Lightning Powered offers complete integrated solutions that let you start right away. Let’s talk.


Lightning electric powertrains for OEM applications

Good data delivers
great insights.

Lightning’s vehicles come with smart telematics, accessible in our powerful Lightning Insights platform. Get full control of your vehicles, your charging and your energy.

Lightning Insights

Here when you need us.

Whether it’s sales, support or something else, get in touch!

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