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Guangxi: will use artificial intelligence technology to help the iron and steel industry become intelligent

On September 17, the artificial intelligence track conference of China ASEAN digital innovation competition was held in Guangxi. Starting from the typical scenes of Guangxi iron and steel industry, the competition called on national developers to use artificial intelligence technology to help improve the efficiency of iron and steel product R & D or finished product delivery quality inspection.
Specifically, in the past, professionals were required to use microscopes and other equipment for metallographic grading (a research inspection method) in the quality inspection of iron and steel products, while AI technology can liberate manpower and solve the problems of different manual inspection standards.
In recent years, Guangxi has vigorously developed iron and steel industry clusters. In addition to Liugang, a local leading enterprise, it has also introduced Jiujiang wire rod and other enterprises to “move south”. With the rise of intelligent manufacturing, traditional iron and steel enterprises are also using 5g, AI and other technologies to promote industrial intelligent upgrading.


Donovan Larsen

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