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Goa: Sattari teachers forego internet, work from students’ home | Goa News – Times of India

Realising the impact of connectivity issues on education, schools are conducting physical classes for their students living in remote villages

VALPOI: Students of remote areas of Sattari have been facing severe challenges with their online classes for over a year now. While patchy internet connectivity is forcing many to trek through forests in search of network to be able to connect to their online classes, for some others it is the inability to afford a smartphone or data packs due to their family’s economic situation.
Realising the impact two years of patchy connectivity can have on students’ academic progress, heads and teachers of some government schools in Sattari have decided to take the classroom to the homes of such students.
Headmistress of Government High School, Savordem, Sarika Naik told TOI that students of her school struggle for internet connectivity. “Considering this problem, our teachers have now started visiting students’ homes to provide offline classes. Teachers give the students notes and correct their books, either at their homes or at any place in the village where they can gather. We don’t want any student to lag in their education,” she said.
Teachers of Government High School, Sanvordem, and Government High School, Valpoi, have divided students into groups to be able to maintain social distancing. The teachers visit the interior villages, like Kumthol, Caranzol, Sonal and Sanvordem, and conduct classes at either the students’ homes or any place where they can gather safely.
On Tuesday, they visited Sonal and conducted an offline class in the village temple hall.
The efforts by these schools have been widely appreciated by parents and students. It will go a long way in ensuring that their children are not deprived of education either due to poor network connectivity or inability to afford the necessary devices, they said.



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