Global Esports CEO Calls Out Attempted Player Poaching

Rushindra Sinha, the founder and CEO of Global Esports, recently took to Twitter to express his frustration over a poaching attempt on one of Global Esports’ players by another organization. Sinha did not disclose any further details, such as the name of the player, the organization that attempted poaching the player, or the esports title that the player competes in. He stated that if anyone wants to sign Global Esports’ players, they should reach out to him, and not the players. Sinha also stated that the player reached out to him after the poaching attempt.

Global Esports’ CEO expresses frustration over poaching attempt

In a recent Twitter thread, Sinha stated that the organization in question had claimed to the player that the actions were not considered “poaching” and it would do a formal “buyout” with Global Esports. Sinha called the organizations that engage in such behavior “scums” in the industry. He added, “You know who you are, the world knows who you are.” However, he did not make it clear who he was referring to.

Sinha emphasized that he is not a vindictive person. Still, if his goals and focus are disrupted by such behavior, he will take action to reveal the “shady BS” that the organization is engaging in. He claimed that everyone in the Indian gaming community is trying to grow the ecosystem. Still, if an organization’s objective involves pulling the rest of the organization, players, and creators down, then it is going on a dark path and leading numerous young minds down the same road.

Sinha added that he had turned a blind eye to what the same organization has done multiple times in the past because he was busy focusing on his own work.

He explained that the intent of the Twitter thread was to let the organization know that it was not untouchable. He added that what the organization thought was “under the table” was not actually “under the table.” He added that everyone knew and laughed about it. However, he did not clarify what he meant by “under the table.”

Sinha accused the same organization of spreading toxicity and hate and encouraging players and creators to ignore their contracts and agreements. He also referenced past controversies that seem to originate from the same organizations and suggested that their actions are detrimental to the growth of the ecosystem as a whole.

Sinha suggested that management of the organization must undergo training in human resources, public relations, and media training in order for the ecosystem to truly grow.

Sinha also criticized the organization’s management for avoiding rules and regulations. Sinha stated that he would rather be known as an “apology minister” and be known for being the person who says sorry rather than be associated with the negative actions of this organization. Sinha also warned that the truth will always come out and that those who engage in this behavior will eventually face the consequences.

Despite previously choosing to stay away from the drama, Sinha believed that the actions of the organization have reached a breaking point and can no longer be ignored. Sinha highlighted that the organization is destroying itself through such activities. He emphasized that he did not name any names in his statement but that it was clear to everyone in the community who the person was and which organization he was referring to in his Twitter thread.

Responding to the reply by Velocity Gaming’s owner Manoj “Sentinel” Kashyap, on the tweet, Sinha claimed that the same discussion had been going on internally between them for months. He added that it was time to stand up against this organization.


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