Gensler inches closer to SEC Chair, will he withdraw the Ripple lawsuit?

Gary Gensler is edging closer to taking charge at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). With that, the Ripple faithful hold hope that one of Gensler’s first acts, if he clears the final hurdle, will be to withdraw the lawsuit.

The suggestion comes from former SEC Commissioner Paul Atkins, who served between 2002-2008. Atkins commented that it is within Gensler’s power to withdraw the lawsuit. Should he refuse to do that, Atkins predicts the case could end up at the Supreme Court.

“The incoming SEC chair, Gary Gensler, could withdraw the lawsuit against Ripple. If not, the case may ultimately go before the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Gensler almost home and dry

President Biden’s pick for SEC Chair’s role, Gary Gensler, received a boost today following …

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