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Fujifilm Japan has shared a video on their YouTube channel, where they introduce their Fujifilm X and GFX gear factory, with the focus on lens manufacturing but you can also see some Fujifilm cameras assembly.

It’s all in Japanese, so activate the automatic Google translation tool. But even without understanding the content, it’s still nice to see how much manual work and care goes into manufacturing our gear.

If you don’t want to go through the hazzle of reading the automatic translation, the Japanese site has summed up the video here, which I share google translated below:

An easy-to-understand explanation of the lens manufacturing process (lens polishing, glass molded lenses, composite aspherical lenses, grinding aspherical lenses, surface coating, lens frame processing, interchangeable lens assembly, lens engraving, lens resolution adjustment, etc.). The camera body assembly is also explained, and it is manufactured from an electronic base. It seems that the imaging sensor is positioned at the micron level.

The strength of Fujifilm Optics is…

  • Technical ability to create things from 1
  • It is possible to make software and jigs and tools in-house.
  • Accumulation of optical technology cultivated over many years
  • In addition to processing technology, optical assembly and adjustment technology, we also prepare our own measuring instruments to evaluate them.
  • I can always be involved in new things.
  • You can actively challenge new things.
  • You can be involved in cameras and lenses used all over the world from the prototype stage.
  • The attractiveness of being able to consistently produce Fujifilm products

…and the staff who are actually working are talking. Finally, Fujifilm Optics said, “By continuing to refine our unique technology to control light, we will surely meet the high demands in the imaging field of remarkable technological innovation, and aim to contribute to the development of the industry and create new value.”


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