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Mediterranean Diet the Best Prevention Against Prostate Cancer

Mar. 9, 2023 — New research shows that men who stick to a predominantly Mediterranean diet are less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. This diet also improves their chances of recovery if they have PC and …

MIND and Mediterranean Diets Associated With Fewer Alzheimer’s Plaques and Tangles

Mar. 8, 2023 — People who eat diets rich in green leafy vegetables as well as other vegetables, fruits, whole grains, olive oil, beans, nuts and fish may have fewer amyloid plaques and tau tangles in their brain — …

Genes in Beans: Bean Genome Sequenced for Improved Nutrition

Mar. 8, 2023 — The faba bean genome, which at 13 billion bases is more than four times the size of the human genome, has been sequenced. This is an extraordinary technical achievement and crucial to efforts to …

Keto Vs Vegan: Study of Popular Diets Finds Over Fourfold Difference in Carbon Footprints

Feb. 28, 2023 — New research has estimated the carbon footprints and diet quality of six popular diets. The vegan and vegetarian diets were found to be produce the least amount of carbon dioxide while keto and paleo …

Are Your Strawberries Bland? Pesticides Could Be to Blame

Feb. 27, 2023 — Have you ever bitten into a plump, red strawberry, only to find it bland and watery? Certain pesticides might be responsible. A team has found that two common strawberry fungicides can impact …

Diets Rich in Food from the Ocean and Freshwater Sources Can Help Address Nutritional and Environmental Challenges

Feb. 22, 2023 — Blue foods — those that come from the ocean or freshwater environments — have tremendous potential to help address several global challenges. With careful implementation of policies that leverage …

Clever Orchard Design for More Nuts

Feb. 22, 2023 — To reduce biodiversity loss in agricultural landscapes, more sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices are needed. A research team has investigated how ecosystem services such …

How Iceland Could Have a Starring Role as a Sustainable Alternative Protein Exporter to Northern Europe

Feb. 22, 2023 — Iceland could help address Northern Europe’s food security issues with the scaling-up of its industrial production of Spirulina — an alternative protein source that is nutritious, sustainable …

New Research Reveals 12 Ways Aquaculture Can Benefit the Environment

Feb. 22, 2023 — Aquaculture, or the farming of aquatic plants and animals, contributes to biodiversity and habitat loss in freshwater and marine ecosystems globally, but when used wisely, it can also be part of the …

Using Spiders as Environmentally-Friendly Pest Control

Feb. 16, 2023 — Groups of spiders could be used as an environmentally-friendly way to protect crops against agricultural pests. That’s according to new research which suggests that web-building groups of …

Urban Gardens Are Good for Ecosystems and Humans

Feb. 13, 2023 — Traditionally, it has been assumed that cultivating food leads to a loss of biodiversity and negative impacts on an ecosystem. A new study defies this assumption, showing that community gardens and …

Due to Their Feed, Chicken and Farmed Salmon Have Remarkably Similar Environmental Footprints

Feb. 13, 2023 — We love our chicken. We love our salmon. Thanks to how we farm these two popular proteins, their environmental footprints are surprisingly …

A More Healthful, Gluten-Free Flour Made from Sweet Potatoes

Feb. 13, 2023 — Orange, starchy sweet potatoes are great mashed, cut into fries or just roasted whole. But you likely haven’t considered grinding them into a flour and baking them into your next batch of …

Reducing Pesticide Pollution and the Intensity of Harvesting Can Increase Crop Yield and Contribute to Climate Change Mitigation

Feb. 8, 2023 — Researchers have found that carbon sequestration and plant resilience as well as forage pasture yield can be increased through key adjustments in agricultural management. The results provide a …

Licorice Leaf Extract Is a Promising Plant Protectant for Conventional and Organic Agriculture

Feb. 8, 2023 — A study reveals that licorice leaf extract is a potent bactericide and fungicide that can be used in conventional and organic …

Evolution of Wheat Spikes Since the Neolithic Revolution

Feb. 2, 2023 — Around 12,000 years ago, the Neolithic revolution radically changed the economy, diet and structure of the first human societies in the Fertile Crescent of the Near East. With the beginning of the …

Farming More Seaweed to Be Food, Feed and Fuel

Jan. 26, 2023 — A new study has shown that expanding global seaweed farming could go a long way to addressing the planet’s food security, biodiversity loss and climate change …

Small-Scale Octopus Fisheries Can Provide Sustainable Source of Vital Nutrients for Tropical Coastal Communities

Jan. 26, 2023 — Undernourished coastal communities in the tropics — where children’s growth can be stunted by a lack of micronutrients — can get the vitamins and minerals they need from sustainable …

Spinning Food Processing Waste Into ‘Gold’

Jan. 25, 2023 — Scientists have taken the first step at estimating the best large-scale uses for food processing waste, first analyzing its contents and, based on those findings, proposing production opportunities …

How Plants Are Inspiring New Ways to Extract Value from Wastewater

Jan. 24, 2023 — Scientists are drawing inspiration from plants to develop new techniques to separate and extract valuable minerals, metals and nutrients from resource-rich …

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Mar. 8, 2023 — People who eat diets rich in green leafy vegetables as well as other vegetables, fruits, whole grains, olive oil, beans, nuts and fish may have fewer amyloid plaques and tau tangles in their brain — …


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