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FlexJobs Pricing, Subscription Details & Membership Costs

If you’re looking for a job with flexibility, such as a remote, freelance, part-time, or flextime job, FlexJobs can help! You can also buy Gift Certificates for friends or family who are interested in finding a more flexible job.

First, it’s not because we’re a scam. We’re 100% not. Having said that, we understand if you’re hesitant to take our word for it, so please feel free to check out our BBB-approval, press coverage of FlexJobs, and testimonials from our users. To be honest, we appreciate any skepticism you may have, because you should be skeptical… there ARE a ton of scams out there. Actually, that is one of the main reasons why FlexJobs was started.

Our CEO, Sara Sutton, believes there should be an easier, safer, and faster way to find flexible jobs without all of the ridiculous junk, ads, and scams. In order to do that, job seekers are our primary clients – not advertisers or even employers – and we answer to YOU.

More benefits of using FlexJobs

FlexJobs’ Satisfaction Guarantee states that if you are not satisfied with the quality of our service for any reason, simply cancel your subscription and request a refund (by phone, email, or our Client Service virtual chat) within 30 days of creating or renewing a subscription. We will quickly and promptly process your refund. The bottom line is that we want you to be happy with our service, and we’ll do whatever we can to make that happen.

Please know that we are very much aware and sensitive to the fact that if someone is looking for a job, they probably don’t have a whole lot of extra money lying around. Also, we’re well aware that there are plenty of free job sites out there for you to choose instead. Both of those points mean that FlexJobs has to be a REALLY GREAT service in order to earn your money – and your trust. We’re committed to doing just that. We’d love to answer any additional questions you may have. Here are some from the FAQ that come up regularly around pricing:

Satisfaction Guarantee


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