Fintech elevate wealth management, AMCAP expands intelligent developments

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AMCAP, a well-known wealth management institution, has made frequent new moves. Recently, it once again announced to the market the introduction of intelligent loss reduction and gain scheme, which gained wide attention. China’s wealth management market has become the second largest wealth management market in the world. With the break of rigid payment after the transition period of the new asset management regulations, residents’ assets will change more from savings to investment. Manage the wealth market or usher in a blowout development. The market survey by AMCAP Group, an international asset management institution, shows that wealth management business has become a hot spot for banks, asset management institutions and insurance institutions.

With the continuous penetration of financial technology into wealth management industry, wealth management policy support, product innovation, open platform and communication mode are moving towards a new intelligent development mode. Wealth management services will be Internet-based, intelligent and universal. With the risk of war in some parts of the world and the influence of global financial turmoil, uncertainty and changeable stability, financial users choose appropriate financial products. Choosing the right wealth management institution has become a hot topic.

Under the guidance of digital wealth management development, AMCAP Group is providing financial institutions and the majority of investment and wealth management enthusiasts with the support of powerful financial technology with an integrated intelligent configuration scheme of wealth management. It escorts the digital upgrade of wealth business through leading technology and high-quality products and services. AMCAP Group has a globally synchronized intelligent financial management service mechanism. It has many innovative functions in the industry, including the real-time online trading platform jointly launched with the third-party technology giant ECAP service system, which effectively realizes the automation and intelligence of the financial investment and trading process. Through the latest product information and the high-end intelligent matching mechanism of the platform, customers can complete financial products with highly consistent personal financial preferences within a few minutes. It also includes the current popular technology and finance products.

The ECAP online service platform is intelligently managed, and deeply integrates a number of AI technologies, including risk identification, risk broadcast, automatic transaction and other technologies. The service process is self-help, without manual intervention. It comprehensively covers rich business scenarios such as wealth management and asset management, improves the wealth investment effect, and ensures operational compliance. It avoids the difficulty of selecting a wide variety of products and realizes loss reduction and gain. AMCAP Group said that wealth management can give full play to its advantages only through comprehensive management. China’s national wealth management needs will be increasingly strong. The great era of wealth management has surged forward. AMCAP Group will strive to be the preferred wealth management benchmark for customers.

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