FalleN alone in Imperial’s ‘Last Dance’ after fer retirement

With rumors of Fernando “fer” Alvarenga’s imminent CS:GO retirement, FalleN’s ‘Last Dance’ project with Imperial approaches its end.

The ‘Last Dance’ was conceived by FalleN in early 2022, reuniting three players from the successful Luminosity and SK Gaming rosters, with fnx and fer rejoining in-game leader FalleN to recapture past glories.


fer’s retirement leaves the ‘Last Dance’ project in limbo.

JOTA to Imperial?

It’s rumored that Jhonatan “JOTA” Willian from mibr will take the reigns from fer, with the line-up remaining all-Brazilian for the time being. After fnx transitioned to coaching with Imperial in August 2022, FalleN will be the final remaining member of the trio that won back-to-back majors in 2016. Though fer hasn’t explicitly confirmed his retirement, he left a cryptic emoji-tweet that substantiated rumors surrounding his place on Imperial.

While boltz and VINI continue to be active as founding members of the ‘Last Dance’, they played no part in FalleN, fer and fnx’s finest moments on the server with the pair being considerably younger. It was TACO and coldzera who played during this period, though they decided against joining when approached in late 2021. The duo currently plays together for 00 Nation.

fer and FalleN’s Last Dance

After an exciting run at the Legends Stage during the PGL Major Antwerp 2022, the narratives were as good as they got for FalleN’s ‘Last Dance’. They ended 2022 with the Rio Major, where they failed to win any map in front of the home crowd. FalleN continues playing with Imperial, and it remains to be seen whether he has any legendary victories left for fans.

It’s currently unknown whether fer will take up a CS:GO coaching role, or leave the scene for good. Whatever his decision, fer has earned the right to choose knowing he has the respect of fans and fellow pros.

JOTA to Imperial?


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