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Everything you need to know to vote in the 2022 midterm elections

Inflation, gas prices, abortion rights and Donald Trump are among the key drivers of this midterm election.

Why it matters: Democrats control the House of Representatives by a thin margin and the Senate by the barest of votes — 50-50 with Vice President Kamala Harris as a tie-breaker.

Details: If Democrats retain control, it will defy historical trends and conventional wisdom and give Democrats a lifeline to execute stalled portions of their agenda and improve prospects for a second White House term.

  • If Republicans retake just one chamber, they can block President Biden’s agenda for the remainder of his term and launch investigations into his administration and his family.
  • If they win the Senate as well as the House, they can pass their own legislation, block any Biden Supreme Court nominee should the situation arise again, blunt any significant congressional inquiries into former President Trump and lay the groundwork for a potential GOP administration in 2024.
Axios’ voting guide to midterm elections for your city

Here’s everything you need to vote to cast your vote on Nov. 8.

Arizona: Voting in Phoenix
California: Voting in San Francisco
Colorado: Voting in Colorado
Florida: Voting in greater Miami
Georgia: Voting in Atlanta
Illinois: Voting in Illinois
Iowa: Voting in Des Moines
Massachusetts: Voting in the Boston area
Michigan: Voting in Michigan
Minnesota: Voting in Minnesota
North Carolina: Voting in Mecklenburg County
North Carolina: Voting in Wake and Durham counties
Ohio: Voting in Ohio
Pennsylvania: Voting in Philadelphia
Tennessee: Voting in Nashville
Texas: Voting in greater Austin
Texas: Voting in greater Dallas
Texas: Voting in greater Houston
Utah: Voting in Salt Lake City
Washington: Voting in Washington state
More midterm elections news from Axios:


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