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Dinnissen Process Technology - BulkInside

Dinnissen Process Technology

Trusted by the best” Dinnissen has become a world leader in process technology in the world of powders, particles and granules. More info ➜

Coperion & Coperion K-Tron

Coperion & Coperion K-Tron

Coperion & Coperion K-Tron supply equipment and systems, such as extruders, feeders, pneumatic conveying & components. More info ➜

Solimar Pneumatics - BulkInside

Solimar Pneumatics

Solimar Pneumatics is a leading designer and supplier of aeration systems and engineered components for the dry bulk material handling industry. More info ➜

Hydronix Ltd

Hydronix Ltd

Hydronix is the world’s leading manufacturer of digital microwave moisture measurement sensors for a wide range of industries. More info ➜

IEP Technologies logo - BulkInside - Explosion Protection

IEP Technologies

For over 60 years we have provided protection solutions that can suppress, isolate and vent combustible dust or vapor explosions in process industries. More info ➜

WAMGROUP S.p.A. - BulkInside Company Profile


WAMGROUP® is the global market leader in Screw Conveyors and holds top-ranking positions in each of its product lines in the field of Bulk Solids Handling & Processing. More info ➜



Bulk solids handling, conveying, storage, feeding, dosing, discharging, filling solutions from single equipment to complete turnkey systems. More info ➜

Acmon Systems

Acmon Systems

Acmon Systems is an engineering company specializing in the field of Bulk material Handling and process engineering solutions in a vast range of industry sectors for more than 30 years. More info ➜

BFM Global Limited - BulkInside

BFM® Global Ltd.

BFM® Global manufactures a range of patented and protected (2006) connectors, spigots, covers, blanking caps, blanking socks and Bulk Bag Loaders that help transform the traditional manufacturing environment. More info ➜

Kason Corporation: Bulk Solids Screening Equipment

Kason Corporation

Kason Corporation is dedicated to solving the toughest screening, drying and cooling problems while holding quality, safety and reliability paramount. More info ➜

Progressive Products, Inc

Progressive Products, Inc

Optimizes pneumatic conveying systems by reducing waste and cost, minimizing downtime, and improving productivity with high-performing components. More info ➜



Makes your business flow. Hethon is a worldwide specialist in powder and liquid dosing, especially for substances that are difficult to dose. More info ➜

Jenike & Johanson

Jenike & Johanson

Jenike & Johanson is the world’s leading company in powder and bulk solids handling, processing, and storage technology. More info ➜

Dec Group

Dec Group

Leading global provider of powder handling & process containment technologies offering true end-to-end solutions for various industries. More info ➜

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE logo - BulkTech - BulkInside


Manufacturer of rotary valves, diverter valves, and other related components for the bulk solids handling industry for more than 45 years. More info ➜



Process automation systems for receipt-to-process bulk material transfer and Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems for high volume recovery of many materials. More info ➜

Spiroflow Ltd

Spiroflow Ltd

Spiroflow, a global leader in powder handling and dry solids processing and an emerging leader in control systems integration. More info ➜

Boss Products, LLC - BulkInside

Boss Products, LLC

Engineered Industrial Safety Systems from an Industry Leader. Save lives, protect assets, and mitigate hazards with Boss Products. More info ➜

Eastern Instruments

Eastern Instruments

Eastern Instruments designs and manufactures a variety of devices that both measure and control the flow of industrial bulk solids. More info ➜

Thayer Scale

Thayer Scale

Thayer Scale is a leading global manufacturer of equipment used for continuous weighing and feeding of bulk materials for a wide variety of industries. More info ➜



PerMix Ribbon Mixers, Plow Mixers, Paddle Mixers, Sigma Mixers, & other mixers are engineered to perform, yet priced for everyone’s budgets. More info ➜

Newson Gale

Newson Gale

Newson Gale; Manufacturers of static control equipment and solutions for hazardous area explosion protection in industrial processes. More info ➜ Corporation - BulkInside - Logo

Flexicon Corporation

Flexicon equipment conveys, conditions, discharges, fills, dumps and/or weigh batches powder and bulk materials dust-free. More info ➜

REMBE® GmbH Safety + Control

REMBE® GmbH Safety+Control

REMBE® GmbH Safety+Control is a safety specialist in explosion safety and pressure relief. It provides customers in all industries with safety systems for their plants and equipment. More info ➜

HammerTek - BulkInside

HammerTek Corporation

Smart Elbow® deflection elbows stop material from impacting the elbow wall, preventing: abrasive wear, degradation & heat-related build-up & plastic streamers. More info ➜

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