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Elon Musk Taunts Tesla Fans with Yet Another Full Self-Driving Button Promise

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Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is a master at enlisting the help of his ardent electric vehicle fans, especially when it comes to gaining access to the car’s coveted Full-Self Driving mode beta.

Musk said in March that all Tesla cars with the Full Self-Driving package would have an onscreen button to “download beta” in less than two weeks. Now it’s September, and Musk is guaranteeing that the button will be on car dashboards by Friday.

In March, the download beta button did not appear. (Neither in April nor in May.)

The FSD beta, as it’s known, is only available to a small set of individuals who are early adopters. So far, just a few thousand drivers have had access to the advanced driving system (which isn’t totally autonomous) that can accelerate, brake, and follow traffic signs on its own.

Many beta testers publish films after FSD beta updates, such as version 10, which claims to drive without human intervention on any type of street, both on and off the highway, and was launched in September. While using FSD mode, drivers must be alert and ready to take over the wheel at any time.

Beta button will request permission to assess driving behavior using Tesla insurance calculator. If driving behavior is good for 7 days, beta access will be granted.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 17, 2021

Musk is promised a button to open up the beta a week after that FSD beta upgrade. But this time, he’s revealed an additional complication for individuals who want to participate in the initiative. Instead of making the driving assistance available to anybody who pays for it (it costs $10,000 or up to $199 per month), Tesla will conduct a seven-day investigation into the requester’s driving habits. The beta will be available to download if the driver is considered “good.”

There are still unanswered issues concerning the timing of the driver monitoring week and what Tesla’s insurance calculator considers “excellent” driving behavior, but this could be the closest the elusive “beta button” has ever come to reality.

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