ED: Keeping our friends close

It is good to see reason prevail and Bangladesh taking this route of diplomacy

It is encouraging to see that Bangladesh has been keeping up its excellent track record of strengthening its bilateral relationships, as Dhaka and Colombo are eyeing to strengthen their air and maritime connectivity.

Bangladeshi foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen held a bilateral meeting with his Sri Lankan counterpart Prof Gamini Lakshman Peiris recently, and during the meeting, the two ministers emphasized a quick signing of a preferential trade agreement (PTA) and enhancement of bilateral trade. A possible exploration of a collaboration between Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University of Bangladesh and National Institute of Oceanographic Marine Sciences of Sri Lanka is also on the cards.

We live in a globally connected world, where the more allies one has, the better chance one has of meeting one’s goals. For a country such as Bangladesh, looking to take the next logical step in its economic development, this is even more important.

This becomes especially true when it comes to regional politics; if a nation chooses to isolate itself and not engage with its neighbours, not only will they not find anyone in their time of need, but they will find themselves with the short end of the stick when it comes to discussing and deciding upon matters that affect the whole region.


This is why it is good to see reason prevail and Bangladesh taking this route of diplomacy. Sitting down with Sri Lanka and strengthening our ties with them can only work in favour of us. When it comes to regional ties, the stronger they are, the better off we are.

Bangladesh must continue to make the right decisions if it wants to reach its full potential as a nation, and taking this road of regional cooperation is certainly one of them.

Source: https://www.dhakatribune.com/uncategorized/2021/11/18/ed-keeping-our-friends-close

Donovan Larsen

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