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Maybe I just need a snack, but while I was casting about for cross stitch patterns to share I saw this cute popcorn cross stitch pattern from Trellis & Thyme on Etsy and it inspired me to want to collect a bunch of cute food cross stitch patterns.

This sweet little popcorn box comes out to 2.5 by 2.5 inches, and would be so cute hung in the snack area or in your TV room.

Macarons are a popular motif for cross stitch, probably because they’re such a simple shape and you can make them in any cute pastel colors you like. Here’s a free pattern for macarons from Ugly Duckling House, using three different colors of tasty treats (in all it is 57 by 61 stitches and uses 23 colors) and a raspberry macaron (though they’re labeled as macaroons, which is another thing entirely) from AKxStitch, available from LoveCrafts. That one is 102 by 100 stitches and uses 17 solid colors and 7 blends.

Cross Me Not has a super cute kawii ice cream cone, which is vanilla but you could make it whatever flavor you like. As shown it uses eight colors and is super quick to stitch.

If you can’t decide what food you want to stitch, this collection of patterns from Anna X Stitch Art on Etsy has a nice variety of options. More macarons, a luscious looking cake topped with blueberries, a slice of cheesecake, doughnuts and more.

Or try the heart shaped food design from PixlStitch, which is like an I-spy of fun foods. I see a lobster, taco, cheese and beer, avocado, doughnuts and a burger, to name a few of the tasty treats in this 98 by 86 stitch project. It uses 20 colors and is a fun project if you don’t have a lot of time to stitch. Each individual item doesn’t take a lot of time to stitch but you’ll feel like you finished something each time you sit down to stitch.


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