Dominican Republic among top 5 facing climate risks

Santo Domingo. – Extreme weather events, employment and loss of livelihood and debt in large economies are among the top five risks facing the Dominican Republic, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Tied in fourth place are digital inequity and failure in cybersecurity measures, which complete the list of dangers facing the country for the next two years, according to the WEF Report on Global Risks 2022, presented this Thursday.

The document points to the “failure of climate action” as the main long-term threat to the world and the risk with the potentially most severe impacts over the next decade.

“Climate change is already manifesting itself rapidly in the form of droughts, fires, floods, scarce resources and loss of species, among other impacts.

In 2020, multiple cities around the world experienced extreme temperatures that had not been seen in years, with a record high of 42.7 degrees Celsius in Madrid,” it adds.

Climate change is still perceived as the most serious threat to humanity. Respondents rated “climate action failure” the risk with the potential to inflict the most damage on a global scale in the next decade.

Source: https://dominicantoday.com/dr/uncategorized/2022/01/12/dominican-republic-among-top-5-facing-risks/

Donovan Larsen

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