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Digital Transformation Priorities for Health Systems in a Post COVID-19 Era

Damo Consulting, the leading digital transformation and growth advisory firm for healthcare enterprises and technology firms, today announced results of their annual survey on the state of digital transformation priorities for health systems in a post COVID-19 era.

The annual survey, which covered 63 respondents comprising CIO’s and senior IT executives in health systems who are members of CHIME, reveals that the platform strategies of respondent enterprises are an evolving landscape of technologies with EHR systems being the primary platform for driving digital health, with clear recognition that the EHR platforms have limitations.

Additionally, 75 percent of respondents said the CIO is the leader of the digital agenda. Many health systems are turning to clinicians or dedicated digital leaders to drive the transformational agenda and a cross-functional collaborative approach to digital transformation is also evident in some of the respondents’ enterprises. Surprisingly, nearly 10% of our respondents indicated they don’t have a digital function currently.

Interoperability and integration are still seen as the top priorities among IT leaders, suggesting how critical it has become for the success of digital transformation. Other priorities include strengthening the core IT infrastructure and investing in data and analytics to enable digital transformation.

“The findings indicate that enterprise digital transformation is still in early stages at health systems despite the acceleration of telehealth adoption during the pandemic” said Paddy Padmanabhan, CEO of Damo Consulting and co-author of Healthcare Digital Transformation – How Consumerism, Technology, And Pandemic Are Accelerating the Future. “While leading health systems have made significant progress in carving out digital as a stand-alone function with dedicated leadership and budgets, many continue to drive digital initiatives as an extension of their IT strategy.”

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