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Digital health start-up GWA wins new investor

The start-up is developing a monitoring system to digitally check hospital hygiene. Now it has gained the manufacturer of medical and safety technology Drägerwerk as a new partner.

The digital health start-up GWA Hygiene has gained a well-known investor in the form of its new partner Drägerwerk. The exact amount of the investment is not known. In addition to Dräger, MIG Fonds also has a stake in the Stralsund-based company.

GWA intends to invest the fresh capital from Dräger not only in product development but also in the internationalization of the company. The first pilot projects with partners in other European countries are already underway.

Tobias Gebhardt and his team founded the start-up in 2015, and GWA now employs 30 people. The IoT system NosoEx developed by the company is designed to help prevent infections in hospitals and nursing homes. The monitoring system uses sensors to monitor how thoroughly staff disinfect their hands. The data can be used to determine where staff training is needed in the area of hygiene. The aim is to improve workflows and guarantee patient safety.


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