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Digital Health Goes Ai

Digital Health Goes Ai

Smile Digital Health, the FHIR health data fabric and exchange solutions provider based on Toronto, Canada closed it’s latest Series B funding notching $30 million in a round that was spearheaded by UPMC Enterprises and some other preexisting investors.

Through the leadership of its Chief executive officer Duncan Wheatherston, Smile Digital Health will commit the secured funds to the expansion of its latest acquisition, the clinical reasoning utility and for the advancement of its ever-progressing artificial intelligence and machine learning features.

Smile Digital Health’s services centres on the provision of an HDF platform which enables customers, IT vendors, and essential healthcare providers to set up secure, assemblable and scalable data infrastructure. This process is carried out through the application of HDF architecture and ONC-compliant, event-driven FHIR APIs.

The Canadian company through its collections of health data clinical reasoning and unique marketplace benefits helps to facilitate data innovation and digital modernization. The commitment to this objective targets healthcare innovation, ensuring a better patient care experience, improvements of operational efficiencies and minimising expenses by implementing intelligent automation strategies.

From 2016 when Smile Digital Health entered the scene, the startup status has risen exponentially to become a force to be reckoned with, leading the charge in it’s digital health subcategory through the digital health solutions it supplies to the industry. Smile Digital Health reaches across locations in the United States and is active in 18 countries. It provides solutions for ranking health care providers and payers including government agencies, IT companies in health, and research institutions.

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