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Did the United States Military and the elites’ Big Pharma companies part ways?

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BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | December 23, 2021: The pharmaceutical companies manufacturing COVID jabs have been those owned by the ruling elites. The jabs that are being widely used and causing adverse side effects are also being supplied by the US military, and a percentage of those serving their country are refusing the jabs produced by the elite’s pharmaceutical companies and because of that many are beings dismissed from military service.

These western jabs causing adverse side effects use a hidden ingredient called Graphene Oxide that was lab identified as ‘Graphene Hydroxide’ by one of the chemists, a German man, who was involved in creating the compound and refers to it as nano-razor blades, because it destroys the cell membranes, depleting the blood of oxygen, causing numerous complications. The compound is used in the jab’s delivery system as an adjuvant and is a new ingredient in nanomedicine added to the mRNA jabs and jabs venturing into using new delivery system platforms based on Graphene Hydroxide. And due to the adverse side effects of this compound, segments of the public do not trust COVID vaccines and as a result, are being forced by law in many countries to get the jabs regardless.

For now, the evidence as to who’s interest Big Pharma, controlled by the ruling elite banking vipers, is serving is unknown, but information by a credible source says that one of the motives by Big Pharma is to amass profits, and the other, according to rumors, is to damage the immune system. And the public should take note of the articles being published in the press with titles like, “Humans Are Doomed to Go Extinct”, “CDC: Life expectancy falls by 2 years”, “Funeral Business Booming”, this ladies and gentlemen is no mistake. They are preparing the public to let them know that many of them are going to die sooner than expected.

What is now reality as new variants mysteriously appear and spread fast, is the repetitive cycle of re-jabs recommended, and the jab dose antibodies induced eventually evaporates in a few months. And now many countries are giving a 3rd dose, a 4th dose, and some are talking about a 5th dose, and it’s not going to stop there.

As the actress said to Mr. DeMille, I am ready for my…, but in this case repetitive boosters recommended by Big Pharma.

But according to a medical doctor who treated one of the European heads of state, a very popular figure, told the doctor that the ruling elites eventually, due to the jab’s regimen being repetitive, and the trust that goes along with it, that they are going to spike the adjuvant to increase adverse side effects, and refers to it as “a trick up their sleeve”. The medical doctor was told by the European head of state that the population is going to be culled.

Does the United States military knows something? Because, according to a press release from the US Army Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, released Thursday (Dec 16), it’s developing a COVID vaccine named SpFN using Spike Ferritin Nanoparticle and the testing is wrapping up in early clinical trials showing that the vaccine will target all existing coronavirus variants, and that the design of the vaccine ensures that it could also be useful in preventing future pandemics, which are expected to be caused by other kinds of coronaviruses. And said if the trials are successful the vaccine could be an effective “pan-coronavirus” vaccine that could target all sorts of coronaviruses.

(BattleForWorld.com: This is what the general public wants to hear and not the schizophrenic new releases from the CDC, WHO, Virologist Anthony Fauci, the computer programmer now virus expert Bill Gates, commanded by the ruling elites and their Big Pharma gang, who appears to be on a diabolical mission, as public distrust mounts daily against them.)

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US military, army division develops COVID-19 vaccine called SpFN based on Spike Ferritin Nanoparticle.

…full posting continues at BattleForWorld.com



Source: https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?noframes;read=189709

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