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Designer’s guide for deploying sensors in smart cities

By Lori O’Toole

1 day ago

Cover picture for the articleSensors are essential component building blocks in the smart-city environment. The main role of these devices is to sense and gather data, which will ensure that the smart city will function smoothly and safely. Sensors and small systems communicate constantly through gateways and the internet cloud to various city control centers…



Samsung’s C-Lab class features a diaper sensor, smart guitar and modular robot

Over the past couple of years, however, Samsung’s C-Lab division has been its CES secret weapon, showcasing some of the projects built by the company’s in-house incubator. Created by employees who are afforded the ability to create pet projects, C-Labs’ projects aren’t always practical, but they’re often fascinating.

DXMR90 controller from Banner designed for processing machine sensor signals

Banner Engineering has released the DXMR90 industrial controller, a compact device that serves as a central hub for processing incoming signals from equipment, including sensors attached to machinery. It then outputs a combined data stream that provides direct visibility of active processes, detects opportunities for specific productivity improvements, and enables advanced predictive maintenance capabilities.


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How can smart sensors help solve the supply chain problem?

According to a recent article/analysis from Deloitte, (Smart sensors and supply chain innovation), “Companies should consider investing in smart sensors to increase value capture through their supply chains after carefully prioritizing their business objectives and defining their use cases.” Several recent developments lead them to this recommendation. The…

TBSI Developed A Multi-Dimensional Intuitive Human-Machine Interface For Smart Gloves Based On Triboelectric Nanogenerator Sensors

Hongyan Fu’s group and Wenbo Ding’s group at Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute, Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Graduate School, have made important achievements in the research of novel HMI. They proposed a simple structured sensitive bending angle triboelectric nanogenerator (BA-TENG) and designed an intelligent HMI system from flexible devices to real-time wireless communication modules and graphical interfaces. The bending angle sensor is capable of detecting multidimensional information in hand gestures, including finger bending angles, bending speed, and bending time. The teams’ results were recently published as “Triboelectric Bending Sensor based Smart Glove towards Intuitive Multi-Dimensional Human-Machine Interfaces” in the leading international journal Nano Energy. Their paper was featured on the front cover of the journal, selected among the 160 articles received for the issue.

ADAS radar sensor delivers improvements in resolution, distance, and size

Aimed at improving how advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) sense objects to help meet new regulations, Texas Instruments (TI) has launched its 77-GHz AWR2944 radar sensor that delivers enhanced object detection with a 33% higher resolution, enabling it to quickly detect objects, monitor blind spots, and navigate turns and corners. It also is said to sense oncoming vehicles at up to 40% farther distances.


Samsung’s C-Lab Developed A Smart Guitar With LED Guides

Have you ever tried to learn the guitar by yourself? It might be a bit tricky because the diagrams you read online to show you the chords will look different when you’re holding the guitar. Of course, we imagine that eventually you should get the hang of things, but what if there could be an easier way?


Times Union

Creating smart cities: technology in the face of urban crises

By Karla M. López Ruelas, Director of Business Development of the Israel Commercial Office in Mexico. Cities are symbols of modernity, progress, development and also chaos. The mobility crisis, poor management of public services, precarious urban planning and insecurity make the efforts of public administration in cities inefficient. But if we stick to the phrase that ‘we are all part of the problem’, we are all part of the solution. These aforementioned problems are creating a crisis that questions the future of cities and our lifestyle, since the speed at which cities are growing stops taking into account the experience of a person, that is, we are facing a phenomenon of dehumanization of the processes. However, this exacerbated and unplanned development also creates a niche of opportunity in different verticals due to a single component: technology.

Digital Trends

Guide to Thread in the smart home

You’ve maybe seen the “Thread” brand on the occasional smart home appliance, like the last Apple HomePod Mini. Understanding what exactly Thread entails and what it can do for your set-up can shape how the rest of your smart home grows. Thread is a wireless communication standard…

Electronic Engineering Times

Optimizing PCBs for Better IoT Design: Manufacturer’s Guide

With a growing demand to access new internet technologies, IoT applications are now influencing PCB design, fabrication, and assembly process for optimization. Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of smart objects that gather and share data in real-time, over the internet or any communication network. These smart devices include sensors to collect data and software, with associated technology to process the acquired data.

Smart multi-sensor system for knee implants improves outcomes

CEA-Leti, a CEA microelectronics research institute, will unveil FollowKnee, a smart, integrated multi-sensor system for knee implants at CES 2022. The sensing system is designed to help surgeons more accurately position the implant, reduce the risk of follow-up surgery, and enhance rehabilitation. The patented FollowKnee system integrates a deformation sensor,…

Securing Smart Cities: What You Need to Know

Due to urbanization, which involves a complex set of economic, demographic, social, cultural, technological, and environmental processes, governments are developing smart cities to address some of the challenges unique to urban areas. This development occurs through the transmission of data using wireless technology and the cloud. Smart cities are powered…

MultiTech Simplifies Path for Developing and Deploying New Connected Solutions with Launch of LoRaWAN Sensor Line

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., a leading global supplier of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and services, announced the availability of MultiTech Reveal Sensors, long-range wireless sensors for the Internet of Things (IoT). Originally designed and manufactured by recently acquired RadioBridge, the sensors utilize the LoRaWAN wireless standard and are all engineered for long-range, low cost, and extended battery life applications.

The Ultimate Guide: Challenges of Machine Learning Model Deployment

This is a myth that I’ve heard so many times. As a data scientist with an engineering background, I also had this point of view until actually developed a machine learning deployment (or MLOps) project. Technically, deploying a machine learning(ML) model could be very simple: start a server, create an ML inference API, and apply the API to an existing application. Unfortunately, this workflow is so easy to come up that people tend to underestimate the complexity. In fact, some of my ML engineer friends complained that their jobs are not understood by so many people such as engineers from different teams, product managers, executive teams, and even customers.

Netatmo’s new Smart Security Sensor supports Matter and HomeKit

Netatmo has announced the Smart Security Sensor. The sensor can check whether a door or window is open as well as whether there is any motion inside. Matter support also means that Apple HomeKit is supported as well. Netatmo has a new Smart Security Sensor product that includes support for…

What is 5G? An electrical engineer explains

5G stands for fifth-generation cellular network technology. It’s the technology that enables wireless communication – for example, from your cellular phone to a cell tower, which channels it to the internet. 5G is a network service provided by telecommunications carriers and is not the same thing as the 5 GHz band on your Wi-Fi router.5G offers an order of magnitude – 10 times – more bandwidth than its predecessor, 4G. The greater bandwidth is possible because over and above low and medium frequency radio waves, 5G uses additional higher-frequency waves to encode and carry information. Bandwidth is analogous to the…

Arlo Security System smart DIY monitoring device’s multi-sensor performs 8 functions

Complete your Arlo ecosystem with the Arlo Security System smart DIY monitoring device. This home security gadget features an all-in-one multi-sensor with eight functions. You can set it to recognize motion, water leaks, door/window openings, temperature changes, and so much more. The setup also includes a security hub and integrated keypad. What’s more, this modular hub integrates seamlessly with Arlo security cameras, the Arlo app, and more. Interestingly, this hub also has a siren, smoke/CO alarm sensor, and a backlit keyboard for nighttime use. Moreover, with NFC technology, you can arm or disarm the system right from your smartphone. Additionally, in terms of privacy, the hub’s ArloRF technology delivers strong encryption with a low range, as well as anti-jamming properties. Breathe easier with this DIY security system in your home or business.


Apple Insider

Aqara announces new smart home sensors with Thread support

AppleInsider is supported by its audience and may earn commission as an Amazon Associate and affiliate partner on qualifying purchases. These affiliate partnerships do not influence our editorial content. — Announced at CES 2022, Aqara plans to launch new versions of its door, window, and motion sensors, that for the first time will work with Thread.

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How can smart sensors help solve the supply chain problem?

According to a recent article/analysis from Deloitte, (Smart sensors and supply chain innovation), “Companies should consider investing in smart sensors to increase value capture through their supply chains after carefully prioritizing their business objectives and defining their use cases.” Several recent developments lead them to this recommendation. The…


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