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Deep learning (DL) became an overnight “star” when a robot player beat a human player in the famed game of AlphaGo. Deep learning training and learning methods have been widely acknowledged for “humanizing” machines. Many of the advanced automation capabilities now found in enterprise AI platforms are due to the rapid growth of machine learning […]

When the Navy SEALS embraced its motto, “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast,” they may as well have been discussing building data models in the same breath. The SEALS chose the phrase to remind its participants not to rush but to act thoughtfully and deliberately. Data Modeling does the same thing by helping businesses design and update data architectures […]

Organizations that treat data as a business asset look for ways to transform the entire business ecosystem into a data-driven entity. Yet, aligning business goals with data goals is neither easy nor straightforward; a systematic and well-defined Data Strategy must be conceived and developed to take the data-enabled business practices forward. In this Data Strategy 101 […]

Just as vendors rely on U.S. mail or UPS to get their goods to customers, workers count on data pipelines to deliver the information they need to gain business insights and make decisions. This network of data channels, operating in the background, distributes processed data across computer systems, an essential framework and function for any data-driven […]

The dangers of poor data quality can cause significant damage to a business. Poor-quality data can lead to poor customer relations, inaccurate analytics, and bad decisions, harming business performance. The sources of poor data quality may seem like a small issue, but it can easily become magnified as repeat errors and different types of errors […]

Organizations with a data-driven approach cultivate a culture that uses data and business insights to drive all company decisions. A data-driven organization encourages all stakeholders to base everyday business activities on data and insights instead of relying on their gut. In this data-focused business environment, data analysts safely serve as the “eyes” of the business, […]

It may seem counterintuitive to think of data engineers needing to improve Data Literacy, the ability to read, work with, analyze, and argue with data. After all, data engineers apply technical Data Literacy skills to build and optimize operating systems and pipeline channels. At the same time, data engineers show gaps in using organizational Data Literacy and communicating […]

As a word, “semantics” was first used by Michel Bréal, a French philologist (a language historian),in 1883. He studied how languages are organized, how languages change as time passes, and the connections within languages. Gen erally speaking, semantics is the study of language and its meaning. More specifically, semantics can be used to describe how […]

Companies increasingly want to mature their Data Governance, the formal Data Management capabilities around its value as a service, in 2023. That way, organizations can respond to an uncertain business environment quickly and flexibly. While Kelle O’Neal, founder and CEO of the data consulting firm First San Francisco Partners, first identified this need for Data Governance as a […]

Predictive analytics and machine learning are extremely powerful tools used to predict future outcomes from large amounts of data. They help businesses gain insights, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions. With the big data space estimated to reach a value of $105 billion by 2027 (up from $37 billion in 2018), and 97% of organizations investing in big […]


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