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Dad Hysterically Pokes Fun at Childless People Over Being “Tired”

“Tired of What? Privacy?!”

Through the different stages of our lives, we redefine what tired means to us. As kids, we had seemingly endless energy, but unfortunately, that just doesn’t last forever. The older we get, the more easily we get tired… and that feeling takes on a whole new meaning as a parent that you simply can’t understand until it happens to you.

If this is starting to sound a bit too familiar for your comfort, there’s a good chance that this TikTok video is, too. A dad is poking fun at the childless people who claim to be tired, and we can’t help but laugh.

Of course, we’d never gatekeep being tired — not just parents know what it’s like to be exhausted, after all. But it is a unique kind of exhaustion, and this dad will explain what he means.

He shared what his response to someone who doesn’t have kids saying they’re tired would be. “Tired of what?! Being able to get off work and rest and chill? Tired of what, peace and quiet? Tired of what, privacy? Tired of what, being able to enjoy your own food?”

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We feel him on this one. Those are all things that we (mostly) have to sacrifice after becoming parents — while our kids are young, anyway. The kind of tired you feel after being woken up all night by a newborn baby or the kind of tired you feel when you and your kids are all sick, but your responsibilities can’t be put on pause are truly next level.

And though plenty of people did point out that it’s not a competition to see who’s the most tired — and like we said, it’s not, because everyone can be tired! — parents did seem to relate.

“I thought parents who said this were ridiculous until I had kids. It’s a different kind of tired,” one person admitted.

One day, we’ll get to sleep… maybe when our kids grow up and move out.

Source: https://wehavekids.com/news/funny-dad-jokes-tired

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