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The Lorenz gang chose to get inside organizations’ networks by leveraging critical flaws in Mitel telephony systems. After the initial access, the threat actor remains silent for months and then exfiltrates and encrypts files using a backdoor.

The leaked database contains Weee! customers’ first and last names, email addresses, phone numbers, device type (iOS/PC/Android), order notes, and other data the delivery platform uses.

The dataset with seven million data entries leaked two years’ worth of sensitive data, including names, surnames, phone numbers, email addresses, and delivery addresses of customers.

The Tor network and I2P peer-to-peer network has been dealing with massive DDoS attack. Tor’s team said it will keep tweaking the network’s defenses to address this ongoing issue. The goal of these ongoing attacks is unknown.

The victim has worked with Parliament’s security team and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to ensure that all his inboxes are secure. In addition, he confirmed he is no longer actively using the compromised private account.

Money Lover allows users to create “shared wallets” with specific users to collaborate in expense logging and monitoring. Transaction data and email addresses associated with shared wallets were found exposed to any authenticated users of the app.

The Munster Technological University (MTU) in Ireland announced on Monday that its campuses in Cork would be closed following a “significant IT breach and telephone outage.” A number of learning tools, including Canvas, are reportedly affected.

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The British manufacturer confirmed that the incident “involved unauthorized access to our systems,” although it did not provide further details on what the access was or what kind of cyber actor may have been responsible.

The Berkeley County Schools suffered a network outage which affected IT operations across the school system, WV Metro News reported. Personal data on the students may have been harvested in the cyberattack.

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