CS:GO Legend Shroud Claims Counter-Strike 2 Has Secretly Copied a Popular Feature From Valorant

After the worldwide announcement on March 22, most of the prominent figures in the gaming content creation scene got busy reacting to the upcoming Counter-Strike 2. Being one of the most prominent and significant online FPS gaming in history, the gaming community on the internet rejoiced in ecstasy.

Among the streamers, one of the most skilled and respected individuals in the professional scene, Shroud, also reacted to the game’s reveal. However, unlike the others, after taking a quick glance at the change logs, Shroud jumped on his seat as according to the Canadian streamer, CS 2 has a feature that was inspired by Valorant.

Shroud spots a Valorant feature in Counter-Strike 2


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Scrolling down the upcoming changes in the game, Shroud spotted there is a quality of life change that is very reminiscent of Valorant. In the UI upgrades, the devs mentioned that the game will have a small bar at the bottom of the screen that keeps count of the player’s kills. And if they manage to pull an Ace by killing all five members of the opposing team, it will light up.


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According to the Canadian streamer, this feature is from Valorant. “Look at this, VALORANT, VALORANT! You guys see that?” exclaimed Shroud. “This is what I was talking about literally yesterday when we were playing, I was wondering, why is there no like… give me some, give me some fucking gas when I get an ace, instead of just like ‘oh cool dude you killed a few people.’”

In Valorant, players get a shout-out every time they perform an ace eliminating all the players in the opposition team. This small feature helps players boost their morals and strive to make amazing plays. For a long time, this feature was unavailable in Counter-Strike. However, with the latest upgrade, it is finally coming to the beloved online FPS.


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Other than this a lot of features are coming to the Counter-Strike in the upcoming free upgrade. This includes dynamic smoke, realistic visuals, overhauls to classic maps, and many many more. Which will make the classic online FPS suitable to the taste of the modern generation.

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