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The crypto coins WHALE, RARE and PICA crashed after hackers stole nearly $5.7 million worth of tokens.

The terms of the bail allow him to go return to the United Kingdom.

The recent survey by Mizuho Securities shows that the stimulus check recipients are planning to invest in Bitcoin.

More than 230,000 crypto traders were liquidated in the last 24 hours.

More than 150 crypto companies were awaiting registration at the end of 2020.

The total trading volume on South Korea’s crypto exchanges jumped above $14.5 billion on Sunday.

The first issuance within the program, which is worth 3 million in bond tokens, has already been fully subscribed.

The Gronk’s Championship Series NFT Collection included five NFT collectables, one of which is totally unique.

Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman said that the country is not shutting down all crypto-related operations.

Elon Musk spent part of his Sunday afternoon tweeting about DogeCoin again.

Edward Fairchild “didn’t see the point” of purchasing NFTs when he bought a copy of Beeple’s “The Infected Culture.”

The cryptocurrency has recorded an average annualized return of 230% since 2010.

Today’s warning comes a few days after Portuguese authorities announced plans to probe social media influencers.

An unknown user transferred 100,000 Ethereum to an anonymous wallet.

This the second such program launched by the Japanese giant.

The app supports more than 30 fiats, and it can send and receive cryptocurrencies.

NYDIG, Valkyrie and VanEck are companies seeking permission to launch Bitcoin ETFs.

The executives called the move an ‘inappropriate overreach’.

Bitcoin has now surpassed the total market cap of the South Korean Won (currency).

Its valuation jumped from $450 million to $3 billion in around six months.


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